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OP/ED: Our own Leggett looks back on '09

It’s that time of year again, when people contemplate the previous year, and here at The Source, we’re doing the same. When I reflect on the past year, the first thing that enters my mind is how lucky I am to have my beautiful wife Nichole and the seven years we have shared together; and my four children who, despite trying my patience at times, I have always considered to be my blessings.

For me, I personally get to experience that love and support every week while my wonderful wife encourages me as I write this column.

She is my biggest, and maybe my only, fan!

In fact, if not for her encouragement I wouldn’t be writing for The Source now.

The day Kyra (the editor) came to me with the opportunity to write a column for her I was, at first, enthusiastic, and then later on I became unsure and doubtful if I was good enough to take it on. At the time, I had written various Letters to the Editor, and Kyra had remembered one in particular that she thought was very good, but I still wasn’t sure I had what it would take.

But then when I was in the middle of one of my self-doubt sessions, Nikki, just said, “Why not give it a try? Give it a year, and if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll know. What have you got to lose?”

It has now been about six months, and I love it.

It’s much different than writing Letters to the Editor. For example, before The Source, I wrote when I felt like writing ... but now I have a schedule to keep and, as a bonus, Kyra lets me write what I want the majority of the time and she isn’t as critical of my writing as I know she could be.

I still have a lot of self-doubt, but I am getting more confident with each column I write, and I have come to really appreciate how much my darling Nikki supports me. I love that she encourages me in my times of doubt, helps me with deciding on a topic, and gets almost as irritated as I do when people claim I haven’t done my research.

I think I’ve had a pretty good year, all in all. I now have the chance of a lifetime - to do something I love doing, I have great editor and friend, who gives insightful criticisms and needed corrections, I have kids that are incredible and a joy every day, and a wife who is…

Well, everything.

Yep, it’s been a good year. Bring on 2010.

Ed. Note:  My own doubts about Rob's columns  didn't surface unitl I realized how willing he was to take on any subject material at all ... regardless how much trouble it got me in with our readers.  That very trait has, however, become a hallmark of Rob's work - you may not agree with him, but you know he doesn't pull any punches or couch any words - and the public loves it. His readership numbers are off the charts.

I'm not a big fan of using newspapers for holiday love-ins ... but by the same token, I think it's worthwhile giving credit where it's due. Rob has been a remarkable asset to The Source, and the community, sparking debate where it needs to evolve regardless the fall-out for himself.

He's a true reflection of what The Source stands for: informed, fearless, passionate ... and compassionate, as the situation warrrants. We look forward to what he'll get us in hot water over in 2010, and hope to draw more like him to our team in the New Year as The Source, and Castlegar as a whole, grow and evolve.

And Rob ... if you're reading this ... what are you DOING? You've got deadlines to meet!

Like Rob said ... Bring on 2010!