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LETTER: Visitor shocked by state of local farm

To the Editor;

In recent months I have passed through Grand Forks on two occasions. During my first visit I drove by what could be described as an "animal compound" adjacent to the Kettle River. I observed animals, particularly horses, kept in what I consider to be appalling and unacceptable conditions. In June some of these horses were standing up to their shins in muck. It was pouring rain and there was no evidence of shelter during an extremely cold and wet spring.

My second visit was during heat wave conditions in August and once again I observed no shelter or shade. I saw alpacas and goats standing in the river, presumably to cool down. I feel this place is a glaring disaster - morally and environmentally.

Surely the community of Grand Forks does not accept the conditions under which these animals are kept and has grave concerns about the contamination of the Kettle River from this operation?

For those residents who recognize animal abuse, for those residents who have concerns about water quality, for those residents who live adjacent - surely it is time to challenge whatever justification there has been given for the continued existence of this unsightly situation in the Grand Forks community.

Jenny Edlington

Cawston, B.C.