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LETTER: Utility smart meters may be a health hazard

Dear Editor;

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report in the past few weeks that states that people should exercise caution using cell phones and similar wireless device. I have recently learned that Fortis wants to remove our safe power meters and replace them with newer wireless meters that will transmit radiation waves throughout our homes every three minutes day and night.

These impulses will record all your power use as it happens. They will know when you use your appliances and all other power outlets. They will know when you go to bed, when you use the bathroom when you eat your meals, when you are home. Fortis will know a lot about you.

California and other States have had this system for a few years and have become aware of many issues with health problems, security concerns, the inaccuracy of the readings of the meters and the high cost of installation that we will be paying for. They are now planning an opt-out program to try and deal with some of the issues.

Security Companies are concerned about their Systems being more easily accessed by hackers and that hackers will connect into the power grid in your home or your computer and know when you are away.

Health and Radiation Experts are mostly concerned about the health issues. The low-frequency radiation waves will permeate our homes 24 / 7. These waves interfere with the natural waves of the human body and there is big concern about the accumulated long-term effect on the body.

Will there be an increase in cancer?Dan Hirsche who is a Radiation expert and a professor at University of California, Los Angeles says these meters are a large experiment on a very large population and he is concerned with the cumulative exposure that could cause cancer or illness down the road. Google: Dan Hirsche/radiation or Dr. Magdahavas/radiation to listen to some comments from the experts.

In California many people are reporting health problem such as insomnia, headaches, heart palpitation. There is a big concern that many people will become permanently electrically sensitive after long-term high exposure to electricity. This condition can happen to anyone. Many workers have had this happen after working in a high electrical environment at their workplace.

This happens more easily if you are exposed when you have a bad viral infection such as a flu or cold. Insomnia is the first symptom. This is a well-known condition world-wide. To learn more of the health problems that can develop when people work in a high electrical environment, or now, if Fortis' application is approved and we have these new radiating meters in our home. Google: Swedish workers electrical sensitivity

Next month Fortis will apply to the BC Utilities Commission to install the wireless Smart meters in our homes. After that application is in, BCUC will want input from us on this matter.

Fortis has not mentioned this huge project in any of their last three newsletters that came with our bill. 

It is not too late If you are concerned for your health and the health of your children; please come to a meeting or email Fortis or mail a short note to their address below. We can make a difference.

Please email Fortis at:, or post to: FortisBC Suite 100 1975 Springfield Rd. Kelowna,B.C. V1Y 7V7 

Nakca Bagn-Ellison

Grand Forks, B.C.