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Head Lice and Pinworms: Unwanted Guests!

lousy louse


It seems like at this time of year after getting back to school, I always have a few parents in with children who have contracted head lice and are asking what they can use to get rid of them and to not contract them as well.

Head lice are typically identified as small dark brown or black moving specks in the scalp. They can be contracted from playing with another child that has lice or using a comb/brush of a person with lice. The eggs can be transferred, as well as the lice themselves. The scalp will tend to be itchy, but not necessarily inflamed. They can easily be spread amongst children, especially this September & October, since the weather has been unusually mild.

They can be eradicated by using Nutrabiotic, a very potent form of grapefruit seed extract. It can be used for many different purposes; you will get a sheet with instructions when you purchase a bottle. I have used it for skin rashes, mouth inflammation, throat infections, ear infections, sinus & nasal infections, fungal nails and skin, thrush, vaginal infections, pinworms and acne. It can also be used as a facial cleanser, all-purpose cleaner, as a veggie/fruit wash, a cutting board cleaner, as a cleaning additive to the dishwasher or washing machine, as well as for pets and livestock.

Follow the directions on the hand-out for Nutrabiotic, depending what strength you may need for the different steps. All the steps below are extremely important:

• Apply Nutrabiotic drops in shampoo to the scalp in each shampoo for one week
• Wash all bedding, including pillowcases/sheets/blankets/comforters with Nutrabiotic
• Wash any contact surfaces in bedroom with Nutrabiotic dilution
• Wash all stuffed animals with Nutrabiotic dilution
• Wash all clothes of children and adults in contact with children with Nutrabiotic solution
• Use special comb to comb out lice/eggs and wash comb each time in Nutrabiotic dilution

Pinworms, I treat similarly. They are tiny white worms that children and adults contract from working or playing in the dirt and soil. The best way to see if your child has contracted them is by putting a piece of clear tape over the anal opening at night, since this is when they come out, and they will be stuck to the surface of the tape in the morning. If they are present, I treat with 2-5 drops of Nutrabiotic in ½ glass of juice 2-3/day until the pinworms are gone.

In both cases, I use a good Probiotic such as New Roots Acidophilus Ultra to establish the good bacteria in the system, so that in the future these pesky critters can’t establish themselves. For adults, 3-4PM and for children 1-2PM. Over the years, this seems to be the most effective method I have found.

Brenda Gill is a naturopath practising in Rossland, BC.