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Fire at Teck Trail

Teck Trail

 A fire occured at the No.2 Slag Fuming Furnace at Teck Resources Limited's Trail Operations at 12:50 am, Thursday, July 2, 2009, lasting approximately two hours. The cause, and the extent and estimate of the cost of damages, and the time required for repair will not be available until a full investigation is completed. There were no injuries and there was no impact to other areas of the facility.

Teck Trail Operations Fire Department responded immediately, and was assisted by members of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Fire Department, through an existing mutual aid agreement. Production impacts are being reviewed and are expected to be minimal in terms of metal production and sales.

The No. 2 Slag Fuming Furnace is part of the recycling process for end-of-life electronic materials, also referred to as electronic waste. The impact to electronic waste recycling will not be known until the investigation is complete.

As a result of this incident, some of the clean water used to fight the fire was discharged directly into the Columbia River. Our normal environmental procedures to identify and assess any environmental impacts has been initiated.


--press release.