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Extras needed for pro video shoot in Castlegar, no auditions required

It’s not often Castlegar gets to play host to a professional video shoot, but that’s exactly what’s happening at the Element on Tuesday, Sept. 8 from about 8:30 – 11 p.m. – and you are cordially invited to be an extra in the video.

Castlegar’s own Reiss Zibin, 21, will be performing a song she wrote herself, called ‘I Should've Know’, and backed up by Supercats Studio players Yanive Feiner, Colton Low and Cameron Low.  But don’t think the preponderance of local talent means this is amateur hour – there will be no buddy holding a camcorder at this shoot. Zibin has a producer, director, two professional cameramen and high-end gear to ensure professional level recording values.

“I released my EP album in 2014, and we knew that this (a video) was kind of the next step,” she said, adding she’s hoping for at least 75 (ideally more) energetic, fun-loving locals to come down and serve as extras. “It’ll be like any night at the club – there will be music and dancing, and we have some prize give-aways, too.”

The video itself will be released on You Tube, Facebook and other social media, and of course Zibin said they’ll be shopping it around to TV networks and record labels as well.

Many will already recognize Zibin’s name from her local performances – she’s hit the stage many times for local events, especially this summer, often volunteering her efforts.

“I love performing, it’s my passion,” she said, adding she started voice lessons when she was just six years old. She also plays guitar and ukulele, and has recently started to master keyboards.

Of course, her dream is to make it big, but right now she’s doing a ton of writing so she can produce more songs, and looking for a permanent band.

“I’m doing a lot of solo gigs, and Yanive (Feiner, owner of Supercats) is helping me out a lot with the guitar,” she said. “By next year, I’m hoping to be touring.”

Element owner (and city councillor) Florio Vassilakakis said he’s 100-per-cent on board with hosting an event like this.

“This won’t be the only location in the video, but it’s perfect for what they’re looking for,” he said, adding he hopes a lot of people of all ages and demographics show up. “It’ll look better in the video and make Castlegar look better.”

He said the event is exciting – it’s not every day a town the size of Castlegar gets to be the backdrop for a professional music video.

“It’s always gratifying promoting local talent, especially young people who have achieved so much, so soon.”

For her part, Zibin said she’s incredibly grateful for the support and assistance she’s receiving – with her Dad, Andrew, getting top billing, along with the Element crew, people helping with hair and make-up, etc.

“I really appreciate all the help – it makes it easier and more fun.”

Again, the shoot is this coming Tuesday, from 8:30 p.m. to roughly 11 p.m., at the Element Night Club Bar and Grill in downtown Castlegar.