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December designated Provincial CounterAttack Impaired Driving month in BC

Drivers who drink, should not drive at anytime.

Impaired Driving enforcement is a priority for police throughout the year, but during the Christmas season, enforcement is stepped up across the province to stop impaired drivers.

Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018 marks the start of the provincial, month-long CounterAttack impaired driving campaign which includes the National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day and a one-day provincial blitz when motorists can expect to see a heightened police presence in many areas of the province targeting impaired drivers. 

RCMP said in a media release Thursday that Traffic Services Units and Detachments throughout the province will be implementing their respective enforcement plans on various dates throughout the month. 

“A small decision can have great consequences,” says Superintendent Davis Wendell, the Officer in Charge of BC RCMP Traffic Services. 

“If you are planning on drinking or using drugs this holiday season, please do not drive. By finding an alternative way home such as public transit, taxi or a designated driver you can ensure that you, and others sharing the road with you, get to their destination safely. Please make it your habit to drive sober every time you get behind the wheel.”

This will include coordinated efforts like Island District Traffic Services’ “Light Up the Highway” event with planned check-stops running the length of Vancouver Island.

According to provincial statistics, 65 people die each year (on average) in collisions where alcohol, drugs or medication is involved (5 year average from 2012 to 2016), making impaired driving fatalities one of the leading causes of death on our provincial roadways. Impaired driving, defined as driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, is entirely preventable yet it continues to happen with devastating consequences. Police will be using every resource at their disposal to get impaired drivers off the road including the use of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and specially trained Drug Recognition Experts. Police are also fully prepared to enforce the recently introduced cannabis legislation.

Motorists can to expect to see numerous police road-checks throughout the province during the month of December and police ask everyone to drive safely and obey the direction of officers at all check-stops. BC RCMP Traffic Services wishes everyone a safe holiday season.