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Book Review: ‘In Search of a Happy Ending’ by Rosa Jordan

Author Rosa Jordan. Submitted Photo

Rossland author Rosa Jordan’s latest novel is a rich, varied and gripping read.  Its characters deal with life’s profound issues, including ambition, love, loyalty, illness and death – and Jordan handles them deftly, with generous compassion and a touch of humour.

A list of suggestions from Kurt Vonnegut to writers included one advising authors to “give the reader least one character he or she can root for.” In this book, Jordan reveals enough about most of the characters that readers gain some level of understanding of them and why they act as they do, and we can empathize with them – or most of them -- and want the best for them.  As for what happens to them and how they handle it – that’s the stuff of life, and of this novel.   

Jordan’s novel contains stories within stories, in the context of a somewhat ad-hoc writers’ group.  Events in the various characters’ lives build suspense, as they deal with their own life-and-death issues and gradually become more involved with each other outside the group.

Now, in our own real lives, the current pandemic calls for caution, isolation, and distraction from the restrictions and precautions that we’re far wiser to embrace than to reject. I recommend this book as part of anyone’s distraction ploy, partly because it’s an engaging and thought-provoking read, and partly because it provides the sought-after answer to our search for a happy ending.

Anyone who wants to read it for themselves can obtain it by ordering on-line in print or digital format from the publisher's website: