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Provincial News

by Dermod Travis on Thursday Jul 26 2018

Echo chambers has been popular as a buzz phrase as of late, the idea that we post and share links and opinions that we agree with on social media to others that also agree with them, thereby amplifying their echo.

What happens to those chambers, though, when 'dark echoes' infect public debate?

by Nelson Daily Staff on Wednesday Jul 25 2018

Now that the summer heat is here, power companies, like FortisBC, are reminding customers to be aware of the energy they use to keep their homes cool, especially during peak electricity usage hours of 4-7 p.m. when people come home from work or other daytime activities.

by Contributor on Sunday Jul 22 2018

Last Halloween, Justin Trudeau launched a thousand photo ops by wearing a Superman costume into the House of Commons. Now it’s time for the Prime Minister to show Canadians what kind of Man of Steel he wants to be.

by Contributor on Thursday Jul 19 2018

Déjà vu.

by Contributor on Tuesday Jul 17 2018

Ever wonder why car insurance costs keeps on rising in BC?

Car accidents could be the reason after ICBC announced in a media release that crashes are on the rise once again in B.C.

by Contributor on Monday Jul 16 2018

Unprecedented move by young Canadians to challenge the Prime Minister with the support of members of his own Youth Council.

by John Horgan on Friday Jul 13 2018

Every senior in British Columbia deserves the peace of mind that comes with having safe and affordable housing – yet too many can’t find the secure, accessible, affordable homes they need.

Our government is working with community partners to increase the supply of housing and make sure more seniors have good homes they can afford.

by Contributor on Wednesday Jul 11 2018

British Columbia's sole legal wholesaler of non-medical cannabis has entered into agreements with licensed producers to ensure a retail supply for when non-medical cannabis is legalized.

by Contributor on Tuesday Jul 10 2018

Our old first-past-the-post voting system isn’t fair. It doesn’t work to support democracy. It works for political insiders. Those insiders know how to use the system to get elected without having support from the majority of all voters.

by Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Jul 09 2018

In a media release Monday, Greyhound Canada has taken the difficult decision to downsize its operations, halting both passenger and freight, effective October 31, 2018, in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Greyhound Canada said in British Columbia, all routes will cease except for Vancouver to Seattle, which is operated by Greyhound Lines, Inc. (USA) and BoltBus.