OUT OF LEFT FIELD: So, so, so proud of Castlegar and Kate McEachern

OUT OF LEFT FIELD: So, so, so proud of Castlegar and Kate McEachern

They say to have compassion for someone, you must walk a mile in their shoes. Castlegar will go you one better. They’ll walk five kilometres in your boots, in 30+degree heat, and suffer right along beside you … and, I hope, still understand that their journey is shorter than yours, and the emotional/mental burden you’re offering to carry is too great to measure in pounds.

I have many times thought I couldn’t be prouder of our people – but this one just takes all the cakes, and eats them, too.

Church and Court Condemn CO2

Church and Court Condemn CO2

A court in The Hague has ordered the Dutch government to cut its emissions by at least 25 percent within five years, in a landmark ruling expected to cause ripples around the world.

The Nelson Daily Green Up Columnist Michael Jessen has his take on the ruling by three judges that said the Dutch government plans to cut emissions by just 14-17% compared to 1990 levels by 2020 were unlawful, given the scale of the threat posed by climate change.

What a bad week for greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking it to the streets: HEU stages rally against privatization of hospital laundry services

HEU laundry workers from Kootenay Lake Hospital paraded through the streets of Nelson during a rally against

By Zaynab Mohammed, The Nelson Daily

Creston Valley to promote 10 mile diet with Buy Local funding

The town of Creston is known in the Kootenays for its great food producing farms. — Photo courtesy Creston Chamber of Commerce

The idea of eating all locally made, baked and grown products is a reality for Creston Valley residents.

The B.C. government’s Buy Local program is providing the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce $9,029 in funding to increase sales and encourage consumers to buy local.

“The collaboration in this Buy Local project shows a commitment from Creston’s Chamber of Commerce to residents and visitors that they support a healthy economy and aim to keep hard earned dollars loca," said Minister of Agriculture Norm Letnick .

Broader Horizons shutting down for the summer due to staffing shortage

Clients of Broader Horizons were sent a letter earlier this month explaining the closure of Broader Horizons Adult Daycare Centre.

There is a concern among the senior population over the closure of Broader Horizons Adult Daycare Centre.

In a letter to a user of the program, Cydney Higgins, Community Integration Services Manager, told Glenway Backus: “Sadly, I am writing to inform you that we are currently experiencing staffing shortage for our Adult Daycare Broader Horizons in Nelson.”

“This means that we will need to close the program at least temporarily for the months of July and August. The last day of the program will be open is June 30, 2015.”

Medicare and the Retirement Conundrum

Medicare and the Retirement Conundrum

There's been lots of attention paid recently to the Canada Pension Plan and how to extend it, and news stories and commentary about how adequate or otherwise Canadians' retirement situation will be. The sunshine boys over at the C.D. Howe Institute (a.k.a. the Isn't Capitalism Wonderful Institute, or ICWI) reassure us that everything is fine and we should just ignore all the warnings.

What BC Can Learn From California's Drought

What BC Can Learn From California's Drought

By Laura Brandes, Communications Director, POLIS Water Sustainability Project

Health Authority laundry costs skyrocket in Lower Mainland says HEU

 HEU said laundry cost could balloon if the IHA decides to continue with its privatization idea.

The Hospital Employees’ Union issued a press release Thursday saying current laundry costs in the Lower Mainland should be raising red flags to the Interior Health Authority in its bid to privatization services at interior hospitals.

Financial statements obtained by the HEU show payments for private laundry contracts made by Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health and Provincial Health Services authorities, as well as Providence Health Care (PHC), grew by $23 million, or 170 per cent, since 2007.



"It's in the ABC of growing up

Now, now, darlin'

Oh don't kill yourself."   (From "Speeding Cars"  by Imogen Heap.)

The last line bears repeating:  "Oh don't kill yourself."  And don't kill anyone else, or mangle them into any permanent disability.   Driving too fast?  It's a killer.  Truly.  Grow up.

Nelson CARES Society spearheads Wheelchair Accessible Van survey

Randi Jensen (left) and AFC Initiative Coordinator Corrine Younie discuss the new Wheelchair Accessible Van survey Tuesday on Kootenay Co-op Radio. — Submitted photo

The Kootenay Carshare Cooperative and the Nelson & District Seniors Coordinating Society have banded together to explore the option of adding a wheelchair accessible van to the Kootenay Carshare fleet.

The project, initiated by the Nelson CARES Society, is part of the Age Friendly Community Initiative (AFC).

The AFC has determined that there is no public access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle in the West Kootenays and is working with the community to address this gap in transportation services for seniors and other persons with mobility challenges.  

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