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by Contributor on Tuesday Jun 11 2013

Guardian's Glenn Greenwald talks to Edward Snowden, the source behind the NSA files about his motives for the biggest intelligence leak in a generation.

by Stephen Lendman on Monday Jun 03 2013

In 2001, Recep Tayyip Erdogan established the Justice and Development Party (AKP). In November 2002, it won nearly two-thirds of parliamentary seats. It did so with 35% of the vote.

Earlier dominant parties were rebuffed. Hard times aroused public anger. Voters rejected corrupt political rule. At the time, Istanbul newspaper Sabah called AKP’s triumph a “...

by The Real News Network on Wednesday May 29 2013

Leo Panitch: Toronto's right populist Mayor is accused of crack use and PM Harper accused of covering up corruption in the Senate - their more serious crimes are attacks on workers rights and on public services.

by Wikinews on Wednesday May 22 2013

The United States White House released roughly a hundred pages of emails on Wednesday related to the September 11, 2012...

by ProPublica on Tuesday May 07 2013

From phone hacking to bribery, the corruption at News International has involved many players -- increasingly, ones close to Rupert Murdoch. We’ve mapped out the players involved in this growing...

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky on Tuesday Apr 23 2013

Nine thousand heavily armed police including SWAT teams were deployed in a manhunt to capture a 19 year old student at U-Mass, after his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston Marathon terror mastermind was shot dead by police allegedly  after a car chase and shoot out with police.

Prior to the conduct of a police investigation, the 19 year old student has already been designated...

by Contributor on Thursday Apr 04 2013

The occasion of International Women’s Day is an apt time to discuss how abstract ideas of global sisterhood and women’s universal human rights hide the actual differences of class and social location which divide women in the real world, and how certain varieties of feminism not only cannot address the real foundations of women’s...

by Tony Cartalucci on Wednesday Mar 20 2013

After a 10 year war/occupation in Iraq, the death of over a million people including thousands of US soldiers, all based on patently false claims of the nation possessing "weapons of mass destruction," (WMDs), it is outrageous hypocrisy to see the West arming, funding, and politically backing...

by Contributor on Wednesday Mar 20 2013

A documentary film by John Pilger

Sanctions enforced by the UN on Iraq since the Gulf War have killed more people than the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, including over half a million children - many of whom weren't even born when the Gulf War began.


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