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REVIEW: The Informant!

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Have you ever noticed how some people just aren't that funny? They make jokes, they pull faces to try to make you laugh, but it just doesn't work. Which, of course, is kind of funny. If you're a person inclined toward funniness. The Informant!, a new film by Stephen Soderbergh, is a comedy that isn't very funny. In fact, it's difficult not to read the exclamation point in the film's title as a sort of warning: the people behind this film make comedy like deaf people sing.

About Boundary

About Boundary

The Boundary Region

The Boundary is in the southern interior of British Columbia and incorporates the heritage valleys of the Kettle River, the West Kettle River, Boundary Creek, Granby River, Christina Lake and all of the many tributaries that drain the Monashee Mountains into the Columbia River Basin.

One Guitar Unites Our Country

Six String

Jowi Taylor is touring across Canada promoting a work of art he has created to be a Canadian icon. It is a work of art meant to represent our country and all of its stories. Made up of select pieces of history that have been forged together to compose one breathtaking, unique and functional instrument of unity, it is the Six String Nation Guitar, which will be coming to the Miners' Hall this Friday night.

Movie Review: State of Play And the Death of the Newspaper

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Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck team up to offer star billing for what amounts to a marketing ploy for the struggling newspaper industry. Paper papers are in a state of crisis. A Pew Research Survey has confirmed that over the last year, readers who use the internet as their sole source of news has gone from 24% last year, to 40% this year, for the first time passing paper papers, who are at a mere 35%. It was time to say something.

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