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by Murray Dobbin on Monday Sep 27 2010

So Carole James thinks meeting with business is going to help her look like a leader. Good luck with that. No one will take this sad effort seriously – not her supporters, who want her to represent them which means against the reactionary interests of business. And certainly not business who will only be impressed with an NDP leader when said leader commits hari kari for ever having had the...

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Sep 22 2010

Last spring I wrote a column called “Is this what a police state looks like” in response to the dangerous police actions surrounding the G20 Summit in Toronto.  I argued–as many have–that police states don’t pop up full blown over night. They develop slowly in direct proportion to people’s...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Sep 20 2010

NDP leader Carole James was so quiet for so long, many of her own supporters wondered where she was all summer.  With the HST and the Liberals imploding, it would have been a great time for the wanna-be Premier to show her stuff, to take the lead, to convince British Columbians she’s no wasteful socialist extremist.


Then she spoke.

James is quoted in The Vancouver Su...

by Murray Dobbin on Monday Sep 13 2010

I confess that I did not, as promised, spend the summer thinking about the new paradigm of local, national and global politics. It was the perfect summer at my log cabin in Saskatchewan and I spent most of it swimming to the end of the lake and back, picking blueberries and swinging in my Mexican hammock.  But I did spend some time pondering just what has to happen in Canadian left politics to...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Sep 13 2010

I love BC politics.  It’s often more dramatic than some of the prime time offerings offered up for our entertainment on the big screen or the tube. And, whether you see him as the hero or the villain, Premier Gordon Campbell deserves an Oscar and an Emmy.

He was on the canvas, bruised and beaten down; his enemies could smell his blood, and even former fans were urging him to stay down...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Saturday Sep 04 2010

It’s actually hard not to laugh! But really, we should be crying.


Finance Minister Colin Hansen stood before the cameras this week and told British Columbians he had no idea his own Finance Ministry officials were holding extensive discussions with federal counterparts in Ottawa on the HST in March, 2009 … a few months before the provincial election.

“I was actually...

by Murray Dobbin on Tuesday Aug 31 2010

 As we head into a new political season it looks depressingly like the old: a stand-off between the malignant minority government of Stephen Harper and the seriously diminished Liberal Party and its hapless leader Michael Ignatieff. Both these parties and their leaders are so off the mark in terms of what Canadians want and need that they can't even break through the 30 per cent support mark....

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Aug 23 2010

I must admit: I have certain rules in handling responses from readers to postings on this blog.  No libel, no swearing, no racist remarks, no name-calling.


But I do NOT try to kill off comments from people who disagree with me (although I wonder how could they!).  I don’t disqualify them because their submissions  have spelling  mistakes; I don’t invalidate them because of...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Aug 11 2010

Well, that didn’t take long!  Remember all those promises BC retailers wouldn’t use the HST to rip off consumers? And the Premier, the Finance Minister and the business community wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

Been to Zellers lately?

I was there today and the cashier asked, before ringing up the total for my single item, if I would like a bag.

“No, don’t need one...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Aug 09 2010

If anyone had any doubt it is game over for Premier Gordon Campbell, the latest Angus Reid poll spells it out in black and white.  But what’s worse are the figures that also show that, even with a new leader, the Liberals are heading for an election disaster.

That will be Campbell’s political legacy, barring a miraculous turnaround.

The poll, commissioned by The Vancouver Sun...


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