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by Contributor on Tuesday Mar 15 2011

The First Nation Summit today congratulated Premier Christy Clark on her appointment and swearing in of her cabinet, and welcomed the appointment of Mary Polak as the new Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation. 

Premier Clark’s recognition of the importance of strengthening relationships and creating shared economic opportunities for BC’s First Nations was welcome news for BC’...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Mar 09 2011

Who’s advising the NDP? Vladimir Putin?

It is amazing: just as more and more centre of the road uncommitted voters are thinking positively of the party as an alternative to the Liberals, the NDP moves to scare them away.

Comrade Big Brother wants to know your social network passwords.

Sure, right now, it’s only the passwords of those running for its leadership that party...

by Post Media News on Sunday Feb 27 2011

By Paul Bucci

Liberal leadership contender Christy Clark will become British Columbia's next premier after winning the party's top political job. Clark thanked all of her supporters in a gleeful victory speech.

"We all have great reason to be proud," she said.

Clark used the speech to reach out directly to voters.

"I want you to be my partners in change in...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Sunday Feb 27 2011

There’s a really BIG difference between being an aspiring politician and being an elected one; and there’s a huge difference between being an aspiring premier and holding the office, especially when not elected to the post by the people. The people must therefore depend more than ever on the media to speak our concerns, raise our questions and canvass our issues.

And there is no...

by Laila Yuile on Saturday Feb 26 2011

  From the Fraser Surrey Docks press release:

Fraser Surrey Docks was a fitting background for the official launch of the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR)project on Monday, January 12th 2009, which was attended by Prime Minister...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Friday Feb 25 2011

The release of the preliminary contributors list for BC Liberal leadership candidates makes for an interesting read, but the most intriguing part goes well beyond the totals.


Naturally, most of the media highlighted who has so far taken in the most: Kevin Flacon $708,000;  Christy Clark  $519,000;  George Abbott  $427,000;  and, Mike De Jong  $266,000.

But I find something...

by Contributor on Wednesday Feb 16 2011

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have announced a multi-million dollar funding commitment to help remove major threats to British Columbia’s Flathead River Valley – a spectacular wilderness area that straddles the Canada-U.S. border.


The two leading conservation organizations will provide $9.4 million to the Province of British Columbia to...
by Contributor on Wednesday Feb 16 2011

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is disappointed with the B.C. government’s management of the public purse and troubled by rising public debt forecast in today’s provincial budget.

“This government would like everybody to cheer a $1.265 billion deficit for last year, because it’s lower than forecast. That’s not good enough. The real story here is $440 million in spending overruns and...

by Murray Dobbin on Tuesday Feb 15 2011

 As tens of millions of Egyptians celebrated their victory over a brutal dictator and began the task of creating democracy, the story from Canada was of democracy going backwards. For five years under Stephen Harper, Canada has been subjected to a systematic erosion of democracy (as I document here). Canada is not Egypt and...

by Murray Dobbin on Friday Feb 11 2011

 In watching the live streaming coverage of the Egyptian revolution on Aljazeera I am awe-struck by the incredible humanity of what is unfolding in that country. I imagine Jean Jacques Rousseau wandering amongst the throngs of people and being equally amazed and delighted. For the character of this uprising, this outpouring...


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