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Regional News

By Contributor on Monday Feb 22 2016

Festival founders Kris Hargrave and Kia Zahrabi confirmed today that while BC’s largest interface fire of 2015 caused the cancellation of their third installment, Ponderosa Arts & Music

Festival will return in 2016, August 19 to 21, in Rock Creek, BC. The festival, called off due to safety concerns just two days before it was set to begin, was hit hard by the cancellation. Kris and Kia however, are “rallying for Rock Creek” and bringing the three days of music, art, camping, and freshness, back for another year.

By Larry Hudema on Monday Feb 22 2016

It was a dark period in the forging of the United States, one of many for a nation aspiring to greatness. The fostering of paranoia in order to expunge enemies, imagined or real, is an unfortunate device employed by those with distorted dreams. The victims, in this case, included folk musician Pete Seeger, writer Dashiell Hammet, singer/actor Paul Robeson, attorney Ben Myers, composer Hanns Eisler, jazz musician Arte Shaw, actor Edward G.

By Linda Larson on Monday Feb 22 2016

I am now back in Victoria at the Legislature until the end of May. While there are many events and meeting requests that come across my desk, I am only in the constituency on Fridays and Saturdays and quite often that time is limited by weather and other unforeseen issues.

I depend on my very resourceful and knowledgeable staff, Colleen and Patt, to be the front line and forward to me quickly any concern that I can deal with while in Victoria where I have access to ministry staff.

By Dick Cannings MP on Monday Feb 22 2016

As the NDP critic for post-secondary education, I’ve met with a number of groups over the past weeks and months to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing universities, colleges and technical institutions, as well as with the students who are working hard to better their futures.  And the benefits to post-secondary education are many.  It gives young people a much greater chance for employment; it is estimated that 80 percent of all jobs will soon require education beyond a high school diploma.  And those jobs are higher paying; university graduates earn an average of $79,000.

By Barry Brandow on Monday Feb 22 2016

I am sending you a news release from the Wildlife Stewardship Council that is a reminder to all British Columbians that First Nations have the leverage to demand their constitutional right to harvest a fair share of the province’s wildlife resource!

How many BC First Nations bands are going to ask in the immediate future the same hunting concessions given to the Tsilhoqot’in First Nations, after all, the constitutional right of First Nations to hunt super cedes the interests of resident hunters and outfitters?

By Contributor on Friday Feb 12 2016

Nick Deschenes, has been relieved of his duties as GM/Head Coach of the Trail Smoke Eaters effective immediately.  President, Tom Gawryletz, stated, “The team has been outscored by a margin of 22-3 in the last three games but more importantly, it is obvious that the players are not responding to him.”

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Feb 11 2016

The word “traumatized”is a fascinating and viciously misused word.

You had a brutal experience? You saw something no one else should ever see?

If you responded to it like a normal person, then you're not 'traumatized', and we don't need new words to describe it. You had the mother of all bad days, and that sucks, to be sure. You're sad, depressed, confused? Sure. But we don't need a new word for that, I already gave you lots of words, just now.

By Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Feb 01 2016

Transit users do not, I repeat, do not toss out the January pass before reading this story.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, Regional District of Central Kootenay, the City of Nelson and BC Transit are teaming up to help encourage active and healthy transportation and lifestyle choices with the ‘Swim or Gym’ program.
The ‘Swim or Gym’ program lets you use your expired monthly BC Transit pass, from any of the participating regions, as your one-time ticket to access free services at any number of fitness centres.

By Contributor on Tuesday Jan 26 2016

Anaheim Ducks forward (and former Castlegar Rebel) Shawn Horcoff has been suspended for 20 games, without pay, for violating the terms of the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the suspension is accompanied by mandatory referral to the NHL/NHLPA Program for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health for evaluation and possible treatment.

Based on his average annual salary, Horcoff will forfeit $357,526.88.

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Jan 13 2016

So apparently the latest trend is to declare ‘stupid’ a modern swear word. I actually heard a mom say to her toddler not to use the ‘s’ word, and had a reader call me out for cursing whenI used it. (I’m not sure where that leaves us in dealing with the other ‘s’ word, but that’s a debate for another time. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing Facebook memes asking whether a bear is stupid in the woods, I guess.)