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By Contributor on Friday Oct 28 2011

Compliance and Enforcement staff removed almost 240 tons(529,000 lbs.) of illegally-dumped garbage from Crown land near Oscar Creek earlier this month with help from local volunteers and businesses.

Clean-up involved using a special, long-reach backhoe that could reach 19 metres (65 feet) downhill to remove the waste - everything from old cars, appliances, furniture, yard waste, household garbage to animal carcasses.

Illegal dumping has occurred at this site for over 30 years and was so extreme, it could be seen on a Google Earth map.

By Contributor on Thursday Oct 27 2011

At approx 4:15 p.m. Richmond RCMP received a report of a plane crash near BCIT. 

A small passenger plane crashed on the northbound lanes of Russ Baker & struck a car containing two people. 

The plane burst into flames upon impact however Richmond Fire Rescue & YVR’s Emergency Response was on scene within moments to extinguish the flames.  Seven passengers were on board as well as two crew members. 

By Nelson Daily Sports on Thursday Oct 27 2011

By Bruce Fuhr
The Nelson Daily Sports

There’s a player cruising the gymnasium at Mount Sentinel High School in South Slocan that has become the latest poster boy with what is wrong in B.C. School Sports.

His name is Myles Christman.

The 16-year-old setter for the varsity boy’s squad at Mount Sentinel has been declared ineligible to play volleyball for the Wildcats, without explanation by B.C. High School Sports Eligibility Officer Don Wallace.

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Oct 27 2011

 The internet and social media like Facebook are changing the face of municipal elections – fully nine of the 10 city council candidates boast Facebook pages devoted to their campaigns.

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Oct 27 2011
In what they hope will become an international tourism attraction for the future, the Grand Forks All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) Club has linked up with the West Kootenay ATV Club to develop a world-class multi-user trail system spanning from Creston in the Rockies to the Okanagan.
Dubbed the South Kootenay Trail System, the trails would be open 365 days a year to mountain bikers, hikers, horses, ATVs, off road motorcycles and snowmobiles.
By Boundary Sentinel on Wednesday Oct 26 2011

We are working in a time of distraction where endless emails, back-to-back meetings, interruptions, and growing work demands are taking their toll.  People are constantly rushing, multi-tasking, bringing work home, and struggling to find time for themselves and their family.

By Michael Jessen on Tuesday Oct 25 2011

“The unbroken violation of nature in Canada, the economy founded on the trapping and mutilating of animals, the destroying of trees, the drying up of rivers and the polluting of lakes, began inspiring guilt and uneasiness long before the contemporary ecology movement.”

– Northrop Frye, National Consciousness in Canadian Culture  

Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible. Yet growing forever is the predominant economic policy goal of both the British Columbia and Canadian governments.

By Boundary Sentinel on Tuesday Oct 25 2011

A 61-year-old man wielding a shotgun surrendered to police after a four hour stand-off last night in Midway, B.C.

At about 7 p.m. police responded to a call that a man had loaded weapons and was threatening to harm himself in his home.

RCMP members of the Boundary Regional Detachment (Midway and Grand Forks) secured the area warning neighbours and putting paramedics on standby.

The area around the home was blocked off by the Midway Fire Department keeping traffic a safe distance from the situation.

By Mona Mattei on Monday Oct 24 2011
Missing Australian 26-year-old Owen Rooney’s family has mixed feelings over the results of an independent review of Interior Health Authority’s (IHA) procedures at the time of Owen’s disappearance in August 2010.
Owen Rooney went missing from outside the Boundary Hospital in mid-August after admitting himself. He had allegedly been in a fight at Christina Lake and sustained a head injury.
By Contributor on Monday Oct 24 2011

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