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By Contributor on Wednesday Nov 23 2011

After many months of research, interviews and discussion, the much anticipated first step towards what will hopefully become a regional food system alliance for the West Kootenay is now complete.

In April of this year, funding and support was secured to carry out research into organizations in Canada and the United States which are seeking to improve their communities’ access to local, healthy and responsibly produced food by bringing together stakeholders within their local food system.

By Alex Atamanenko MP on Tuesday Nov 22 2011

We often hear stories in the press about mercenary armies in which soldiers-for-hire do the dirty work of various governments around the world. One such group is Xe Services,which was originally foundedby former US Special Forces SEAL Erik Prince, under the name of Blackwater. This private mercenary company was first contracted by the American government in 1998 to train Special Forces for the navy and for the FBI. Xe Services now operates through 30 affiliate shell companies to secure its contracts.

By Nelson Daily Editor on Saturday Nov 19 2011

The biggest surprise for Mayor John Dooley came one day before Saturday night’s election results had been delivered — a landslide victory of nearly 1,300 votes over his nearest competitor.

His sister, Katrina, flew in from Ireland Friday night to see her older brother at the end of his campaign for a third consecutive term as mayor, and his fifth term on City council.

By Mona Mattei on Saturday Nov 19 2011

The Sentinel was on site for the ballots count. Here are the unofficial results for the local government elections

Area D

Irene Perepolkin  324  Final Elected

Teresa Taylor  118

Brian Johnson  114

Ken Johnston  30

Dave Johnson  68

Grand Forks School District Trustees

Dave Grootjes  404

Ken Harshenin  532  Final Elected

Teresa Rezansoff  779 Final Elected

Grand Forks Mayor

Ann Gordon 138

By Castlegar Source on Friday Nov 18 2011

On Oct. 26, the Castlegar RCMP received a complaint regarding an incident involving a local school bus driver on one of the after school bus routes.  

The incident revolved around what was supposed to be a fun game between the driver and kids riding the bus.

The driver is alleged to have canvassed  children on who wanted to play a “be quiet” game. Several interested elementary school children volunteered. 

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Nov 17 2011
Voters go to the polls in less than 48 hours and there are many contenders to choose from for all the jobs available.
The history of voting in B.C.
By Mona Mattei on Thursday Nov 17 2011
Christina Lake resident Allen Piche is facing another court date for feeding wildlife as the Crown landed new charges in his lap this week.
Piche, who made international headlines last year when up to 24 bears were discovered on his property during a marijuana grow operation bust, confessed to feeding wildlife when charged last fall.
By Bruce Fuhr on Tuesday Nov 15 2011

The 1987 motion picture Roxanne put Nelson on the map as a big-screen story — based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac — showcasing Heritage City scenery to moviegoers across North America.

In the coming months, the uniquely Canadian outdoor television show, Dimestore Fishermen, promises to do the same.

“(Jim Hoey and) the crew were very impressed with what they saw and they were definitely treated to an amazing experience,” said Kerry Reed, owner/operator of Reel Adventures Fishing Charter in Nelson, who began courting Hoey in March.

By Mona Mattei on Sunday Nov 13 2011
Although the job of area director for Christina Lake, B.C. was filled by acclamation, the area still needs to cast their votes for school trustee and a referendum question – does the area need a cemetery service?
Grace McGregor enters her third term as regional director with the support of her community, but faces a tough vote nonetheless.
“It is my honor to have the confidence of the Christina Lake electorate as their acclaimed area director,” McGregor commented.
“Our primary concern for the coming year is milfoil.
By Mona Mattei on Sunday Nov 13 2011
Wild Berries of British Columbia
By Fiona Hamersley Chambers
Lone Pine Publishing 192 pages - $21.95
Those of us who take the time to enjoy the backcountry of B.C. often find ourselves tempted to test out the bounty of berries we see around us as we hike.