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By Castlegar Source on Wednesday Dec 14 2011

Six Castlegar residents appeared in court today facing charges of trafficking cocaine, but all six were put over to a new court date, according to RCMP Cpl. Darryl Orr.

While he couldn't offer much information about the investigation, Orr told The Source that it went on for four months, from June to September. 

"We brought in undercover operators - they come from all over B.C.," Orr said. "They were the ones who worked the magic and purchased drugs from people we (Castlegar cops) were already well aware of (sic)."

By Michael Scott on Wednesday Dec 14 2011

On a crisp and sunny afternoon, over one hundred Occupy protesters held a rally and march in support of the Occupy movements all across the West Coast of Turtle Island (North America) to send a strong and clear message to the 1%. 

“We here to support workers who are under union busting, who aren’t even allowed to unionize; they’re rights, wages, income are being eroded.”  Explained Maxim, a participant in today’s demonstration. 

By Kyra Hoggan on Friday Dec 09 2011

 A group of more than 50 scientists is publicly lobbying BC Hydro to reconsider its decision to close the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) office in Nelson, and to lay off staff in Castlegar, Nelson and Prince George.

By Erin Perkins on Wednesday Dec 07 2011

 A 17-year old Christina Lake boy has returned home safely after getting lost looking for the family cat, Dec. 4.

The Christina Lake Fire Department was called to a Fife Road residence by the boy's parents after he didn't return from searching a forested area close to the home looking for the family cat. He'd been gone since 3 p.m. that day and was dressed in only sneakers and a hoodie, said Ken Gresley-Jones, Christina Lake Fire Department Fire Chief.

By Contributor on Sunday Dec 04 2011

Dear Editor;

Open letter to: Sue Keenan B.C. School Sports (BCSS), Teresa Rezansoff, School District 51, and Honorable George Abbott, Rick Davis and Alison Sidow, Ministry of Education, Tim Gayda, SportBC.

Re: Student pursues legal angle to get the right to play volleyball by Mona Mattei on 27 Nov 2011


By Contributor on Friday Dec 02 2011

This sometimes darkly humorous, charming and unconventional movie opens with Oliver Field (Ewan McGregor, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Star Wars I,II, and III, Trainspotting), mourning the passing of his father Hal (Christopher Plummer, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Sound of Music). 

By Contributor on Monday Nov 28 2011

Dear Editor;

Recently I came across the Boundary Sentinel editorial entitled Beating a Dead Borsht. As a proud Canadian Doukhobor (not Russian as the editorial implies Doukhobors to be), I was offended by the tone of the editorial with respect to Doukhobors.

By Mona Mattei on Sunday Nov 27 2011
In a case that touches on discrimination and human rights violations, lawyer John Kennedy says that the B.C. School Sports Association’s regulations need to be addressed.
Kennedy is representing Myles Christman and his family in their appeal against the organization for refusing to allow the 16-year-old to play league volleyball.
“There are various aspects to their decision which are, in my opinion, really quite bizarre,” said Kennedy.
By Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Nov 24 2011

Occupy Nelson will assert homelessness one of its key priorities at the Housing For All: Voices From The Street rally Friday.

The rally is in response to a meeting with Mayor John Dooley, members of City council, ANKORS and the Nelson Committee on Homelessness, where Occupy Nelson proposed the creation of a safe-space for the homeless to camp out this winter, with the preferred site being the City Campground.

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Nov 24 2011

Monday night saw an unusually emotional city council meeting, as the five re-elected incumbents said their good-byes to councillor Kirk Duff.