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Regional News

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Nov 25 2010

The Supreme Court of B.C. has found in favour of the City of Castlegar after owners of the City Centre Motel downtown requested a judicial review of city council's decision to order the structure demolished.

By Contributor on Thursday Nov 25 2010

The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands’ continued refusal to disclose sea lice infestation data could set a dangerous precedent for future public information requests, environmental groups argue in a submission filed today to B.C.’s information commissioner.

In March 2010, after six years of drawn-out proceedings, the commissioner ruled that the ministry could not conceal 2002-03 fish farm sea lice infestation and disease records from the public.

By Contributor on Wednesday Nov 24 2010
Christmas is just around the corner and soon everyone will be scrambling to pick up the perfect gifts for their kids. This year, why not give your 4th or 5th grader the opportunity to learn a new and exciting winter sport?
For the past 14 years, the Canadian Ski Council (CSC), in partnership with Forzani, has given nearly half a million children an easy and affordable way to learn skiing and snowboarding.
By Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Nov 24 2010

National governments have been back in the news over the past two years because of the financial crisis and the havoc it wreaked on the global economy. Belying the ideology that nations were obsolete in the grand new order of transnational corporations, they are now front and centre trying to save the corporations that supposedly had replaced them. That is, saving them from themselves — from their greed, overreach, hubris and sheer incompetence.


By Alex Atamanenko on Wednesday Nov 24 2010

When I think of winter coming, I imagine cosy weekends filled with children’s laughter and hot chocolate shared in the warm glow of a living room.  But for too many people here in the BC Southern Interior, that first snowfall may feel a little more ominous.  For some of our friends and neighbours—maybe even your family—staying warm this winter could mean skipping bill payments, skipping lunches or pulling the kids out of hockey.

By Boundary Sentinel on Tuesday Nov 23 2010
A resident of Christina Lake has been charged with one count of feeding dangerous wildlife under the Wildlife Act [Sec. 33.1(1)]. Allan Wayne Piche is scheduled to appear in Grand Forks provincial court on Dec.
By Contributor on Tuesday Nov 23 2010

Students in Selkirk College’s School of Renewable Resources (Integrated Environmental Planning Technology, Recreation, Fish and Wildlife Technology and Forest Technology) are raising money for their year-end field trip fund to assist with expenses of travel, accommodation, food and tours.

They will be selling cords of firewood, generously donated by Kalesnikoff Lumber Company.

By Laila Yuile on Monday Nov 22 2010

Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail has done an outstanding job of taking the Sea to Sky highway shadow toll story to an entirely new level in the Monday edition of the paper, and managed to get some rather creative answers from both Macquarie and the BC government.


By Harvey Oberfeld on Sunday Nov 21 2010

Make no mistake about it: Carole James will be gone as NDP leader well before the next provincial election. But remember: in politics, like comedy, timing is everything. And the next BC election isn’t scheduled until Tuesday, May 14, 2013.  Yes, 2013. 

By Mona Mattei on Sunday Nov 21 2010
Grand Forks may be home to the only pilot project for mobile abattoirs if the local agriculture society is successful in its pitch.
Last week Doug Zorn, president of the Grand Forks and Boundary Regional Agricultural Society (GFBRAS), owner of North Forks Pork and Poultry, and long time abattoir proponent, met with MLA John Slater to advocate for changes in what he says are onerous rules and regulations.