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'Sundog effect' captured while skiing at Whitewater

The sundog effect sparkled around a spruce tree at Whitewater Sunday. — photo courtesy Keith Wiley

It's simply amazing what a beautiful part of the world Nelsonites live in.

Just ask Keith Wiley, who was skiing down the SilverKing run at Whitewater Sunday.

In minus-20 Celsius temperatures, Wiley took a photo of a sundog effect sparkled around a spruce tree.

"The photo doesn't quite do it justice, the ice crystals in the -20 air were absolutely sparkling," Wiley explains.

"We were amazed," he added. "When we skied further down, the sun dog beam persisted, but it was when it outlined the tree that it was truly spectacular."

Wiley made his photo into a Christmas card.

Wanting readers to enjoy his experience, Wiley graciously forwarded the photo to The Nelson Daily for publication.

So enjoy, everyone!