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Students Run for Cross-Country Honours

The Seven Summits Team: Back Row, Left to Right: Remi Drolet, Morgan Gash, Alvise Scarabosio, Sacha Stagg, and Coach Bronwyn Moore; Front Row, Left to Right: Michaela Mclean, Jasmine Drolet, and Yasmin Evans.

Seven Summits Centre for Learning in Rossland hosted a cross-country running race at BlackJack on October 19, with 80 students participating from over a dozen schools.  There was a 2-kilometre race for elementary students, a 4-kilometre race for junior males, junior females, and  senior females, and a 6-kilometre race for senior males.  The Rossland Telegraph congratulates every student, from every school, for taking part in cross-country running -- you're all winners on our scorecard, regardless of your time in the races.  To us, just doing the activity is more important than anyone's speed, but competition can help us to learn better technique and try harder. 

For those who are more status and time-oriented, here are the main results, though we encourage everyone to focus more on developing a smooth and co-ordinated running style, gradually building stamina and especially on enjoying your run, than on how fast you can get from one place to another.

First-place Winners:

A Rossland Summit School student, Sofia Maturo, won the Elementary Female race.

Trafalgar student  AJ Barrett  won in the Elementary Male category.

In the Junior Female race, Jasmine Drolet of Seven Summits Centre for Learning in Rossland won first.

Of the Junior Male runners, Devon Kilgour of Mount Sentinel Secondary School in South Slocan won first.

In the Senior Female race, Michaela Mclean of Seven Summits Centre for Learning was the fastest.

 In the Senior Male category, JL Crowe's Jackson Konkin came in first.

Second-place Winners:

The following students won second place in their respective categories:

Elementary Female:  Ella Hurst, of Sentiers-Alpins. 

Elementary Male:  Benjamin Belland, also of Sentiers-Alpins.

Junior Female:  Avie Waterfall, of Trafalgar.  

Junior Male:  Torin Nesbitt of Mount Sentinel Secondary School. 

Senior Female:  Emily Taylor, of LV Rogers. 

Senior Male:  Duncan Griffiths, of Boundary Central Secondary School in Midway.

Third-place Winners:

Elementary Female:  Petula Perry, of Arrow Lakes D.L. School. 

Elementary Male:  Arlo Veerman, of Winlaw.

Junior Female:  Daniela Sirois-Ennis, of Mount Sentinel Secondary School. 

Junior Male:  Matti Erickson of Trafalgar.

Senior Female:  Kaitlin Hancock of Mount Sentinel Secondary School.

Senior Male:  Alvise Scarabosio of Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

To see lists with all the runners and their times, go to: