NDP candidate blames Boundary-Similkameen MLA of 'Wild West' fundraising

NDP Candidate Colleen Ross says Liberal MLA Linda Larson should disclose any of that money came from residents of Boundary-Similkameen.
NDP Candidate Colleen Ross says Liberal MLA Linda Larson should disclose any of that money came from residents of Boundary-Similkameen.

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Locally, Boundary-Similkameen NDP Candidate Colleen Ross says Liberal MLA Linda Larson bringing “Wild West” political cash scheme to riding.

It sure appears a provincial election is on the horizon.

Ross raised the issue over Liberal fundraising after Larson held and an exclusive $2,500 a plate fundraiser recently in Kelowna.

The NDP candidate for the May 9 Provincial Election raises questions about whether Larson’s putting rich friends of the BC Liberals ahead of regular people in Boundary-Similkameen.

“We already know that Christy Clark’s campaign is funded by a handful of millionaires, but it’s startling to see Linda Larson engage in this kind of practice as well,” Ross said in NDP media release.

“Linda should disclose how much was raised at this event, and whether any of that money came from residents of Boundary-Similkameen.”

The NDP says according to the BC Liberals’ prediction of about 20 attendees paying $2,500 each, the fundraiser could have raised upwards of $50,000.

Ross said with Larson having spent $61,000 on her 2013 election campaign, this single fundraiser is enough to fund 80 percent of her campaign without any financial support from real voters in Boundary-Similkameen.

Ross adds that while it’s common for candidates to receive a few donations from outside their constituencies it’s troubling that is Larson funding her campaign almost entirely by rich donors who live outside the riding.

 “With the vast majority of her campaign funds coming from big donors from other parts of BC, I’m concerned about what happens when she has to choose between voters in Boundary-Similkameen or Christy Clark’s rich friends,” Ross explained.

“I’m proud that most of my donations come from regular people in Boundary-Similkameen who just want to elect a Premier who looks out for them instead of the people at the top.”

Emile Scheffel, Director of Communications for the BC Liberals told the Boundary Sentinel in an email response “all financial contributions made to candidates in BC are publicly disclosed, and the BC Liberal Party has taken the additional, voluntary step of reporting donations in real time on our website – something the NDP are refusing to do.”

“We believe British Columbians are well served by a system in which members of the public can contribute to the party of their choice – rather than one in which taxpayers are forced to subsidize all political parties, including ones they don’t support,” Scheffel added.

The Boundary-Similkameen riding should be a tight race after Larson won the 2013 election by just under 1,200 votes over Sam Hancheroff of the NDP.

Larson garnered 46 percent of the vote.

The Liberals have won the Boundary- Similkameen riding since 2005.

The Boundary-Similkameenriding, which runs north from the U.S. border, includes parts of Okanagan-Similkameenand Kootenay Boundary Regional Districts. Osoyoos, Oliver, Keremos, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Midway are all in the southern part of riding.

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