LETTER: We don't want smart meters, FortisBC

LETTER: We don't want smart meters, FortisBC

Open letter to FortisBC:

Hello Fortis: The letter below has received no response thus far and we would very much appreciate hearing from you.
We do not want smart meters installed as BC Hydro is doing; we believe there are cheaper, safer and simpler options that should work to and for everyone's benefit.

These are:

  • Read the meters of solid, responsible customers once or twice a year instead of 6 times per year. This would reduce your meter reading costs significantly and would also save you the very high expense of purchasing and installing smart meters the worth of which is as yet unproven.
  • Or, we could read the meter ourselves and submit the information to you via E-Mail either once per year and you could read it at the end of the year or we could read it whenever you requested and send you the information via E-Mail. You could easily randomly check a set number of meters to ensure the information you were receiving was correct and reliable.

Will you please consider these options for future adoption by your company?

Thank you,

Fred Marshall and Jane Marshall
Midway, B.C.


So you're just moving forward??

Neal: Obviously Fortis is determined to move ahead with the Smart Meters without even fairly or duly considering other viable options to reduce costs but yet improve their metering information.

What happened to the axiom that the customer should and will be well served? Surely your customers' wishes should be respected and honored.

There is more than one way to meet Fortis's objectives which are exactly what in this regard??? Why is the apparently single option of Smart Meters being pushed forward so single-mindedly?

Fred Marshall

Fortis Smart Meters

I e-mailed Fortis a couple of months back. The e-mail was forwarded to higher-up. I am still waiting for an answer. How can our government let this happen when there are some many problems with the Smart Meter. Even California is letting consumers decide if they want the smart meters in stalled. Once a again our Provincial Government is letting big business dictate to us.

FortisBC responds



Sorry for not getting back to you sooner and thanks for writing to us and for your suggestions below. A lot of the information on the advanced metering project can be found on our website at www.fortisbc.com/ami.


In terms of progress on the advanced metering project, we are currently preparing an application for the BC Utilities Commission. When this application is filed, we will go through a regulatory process where public can provide input on the proposed project. When this process is complete, the Commission will make a decision on whether or not we can forward with this project. If you would like to learn more about the BCUC or the regulatory process, please visit www.bcuc.com.




Neal Pobran


Smart Meters

Why bother. Neither you or the BC government will listen to the people of the province. We no longer have a say in this once proud province.We have become a third world province. Can you honestly say that if the people of BC do not want these meters installed, that Fortis will comply with our wishes. I think not.

In reply to chipsawron, I

In reply to chipsawron, I want to say that I think we have to "bother". If we don't, we will continue to get bowled over and move even further down this slippery slope toward totalitarianism. I hardly recognize my country anymore, since the Harper government took over. And I have to keep reminding myself that a whole lot of Canadians voted for Harper, he didn't really "take over" ...and a whole lot of Canadians stayed home and didn't vote. I think that is a powerful example of what happens when we don't bother. Please don't join the already too large group of apathetic citizens.

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