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Election results make changes across Boundary

Grand Forks residents have made their voice heard and elected a new mayor, Frank Konrad. Konrad is new to city council, having never served before but he is a long-time resident of Grand Forks and has a background in business. He told the Sentinel early in his campaign that he plans "on providing strong leadership, with honesty and integrity, based on my successful background.  I plan to lead this city, like my businesses, into a new era of success, with a vision for the future, encompassing all the citizens of this great city."

Frank Konrad   M   503  
  Brian Taylor Christopher M   450  
  Cher Wyers Ann F   434  
  Donna Semenoff J F   144  
  Peter Demski Udo M   31

Joining Konrad at the council table are returning councillors Michael Wirischagin and Neil Krog. Julia Butler, Chris Hammett and Colleen Ross are new to council this year. Christine Thompson was also re-elected to council, she has sat on council for a previous term. 

Michael Wirischagin Kenneth William M   741  
Julia Butler Christine F   702  
Christine Thompson Patricia F   676  
Neil Krog Dwight M   592  
Chris Hammett Denise F   546  
Colleen Ross Colleen F   539  
  Cathy Korolek Mae F   524  
  Zak Eburne-Stoodley L M   521  
  Baun Mark Foon M   440  
  Richard Fausten Richard M   422  
  Patrick O'Doherty J M   419  
  Lorraine Dick Heather F   388  
  Teresa Taylor Ann F   387  
  Larry Podmoroff   M   371  
  Gary Smith Lee Junior M   340  
  Monique Van Ewyk Lianne F   215

Greenwood also has a new mayor, with Ed Smith stepping up to the task of mayor. He beat out Nipper Kettle by 17 votes. 

Ed Smith Ivan M   159  
  Nipper Kettle James M   142  
  Barry Noll Adam M   75

Joining Smith at the table are Nola Tutti, Lee Cudworth, Colleen Lang and Darla Ashton. Candidate Christopher Yates was just three votes shy of making the cut. 

Nola Tutti Deanne F   290 YES
Lee Cudworth Alan M   239 YES
Colleen Lang Frances F   214 YES
Darla Ashton Rae F   213 YES
  Christopher Yates Alan M   210

In Midway, incumbant mayor Randy Kappes was acclaimed. Residents will see familiar faces as Richard Dunsdon, Darrin Metcalf, Gary Schierbeck and Marguerite Rotvold were all re-elected for the four-year term. 

Richard Dunsdon   M   167 YES
Darrin Metcalf   M   148 YES
Gary Schierbeck   M   139 YES
Marguerite Rotvold   F   126 YES
  Martin Fromme Harold M   114  
  Earl Lehmann   M   71

In School District 51, David Reid was elected for Area D in Rural Grand Forks. Teresa Rezansoff is returning as trustee for the City of Grand Forks and newcomer Katie Jepsen is joining her.

Cindy Strukoff (Area C), Rose Zitko (Area E - Kettle Valley North) Cathy Riddle (Area E Kettle Valley East) and Mark Danyluk (Area E - Kettle Valley West) were all acclaimed. 

Cindy Strukoff   F Area 'C' (Christina Lake) YES 0  
David Reid   M Area 'D' (Rural Grand Forks)   454  
Rose Zitko   F Area 'E' (Kettle Valley North) YES 0  
Cathy Riddle   F Area 'E' (Kettle Valley East) YES 0  
Mark Danyluk   M Area 'E' (Kettle Valley West) YES 0  
Teresa Rezansoff   F City of Grand Forks   940  
Katie Jepsen   F City of Grand Forks   746  
  Valerie Alice Rich   F Area 'D' (Rural Grand Forks)   224  
  Kenneth Harshenin   M City of Grand Forks   548  
  Jaime Massey   F City of Grand Forks   275

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary also had positions filled by acclimation. Grace McGregor was acclaimed in Area C and outside the Boundary in Ali Grieve was the only candidate for Area A as was Linda Worley in the Columbia River Communities (Area B). 

Roly Russell won for Area D (Rural Grand Forks) with 478 votes and Vicki Gee won in Area E (Boundary Country and Big White) with 245 votes. 

Vicki Gee's win was particularly significant because she replaced Bill Baird, who has represented Area E for the last 22 years. 

Ali Grieve K. F Electoral Area A (Beaver Valley) YES 0  
Linda Worley J. F Electoral Area B (Columbia River Communities) YES 0  
Grace McGregor E. F Electoral Area C (Christina Lake) YES 0  
Roly Russell B. M Electoral Area D (Rural Grand Forks)   478  
Vicki Gee L. F Electoral Area E (Boundary Country and Big White)   245  
  Bob Kendel E. M Electoral Area D (Rural Grand Forks)   173  
  Irene Perepolkin L. F Electoral Area D (Rural Grand Forks)   72  
  Bill Baird B.L. M Electoral Area E (Boundary Country and Big White)   209  
  Bill Bosovich G. M Electoral Area E (Boundary Country and Big White)   171