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  • Insights West poll gives NDP big lead in BC   3 days 13 hours ago

    The  newsletter in the previous message link contains lots of information to digest at one sitting. As well, reading the newsletter online is a bit messy. Just in case the motivation to get outside is lost with all this smoke in the air. Here is very informative video of a very thorough explanation of the private banking scheme we are forced to live by, with a somewhat frank and candid tone. The main discussion is just over an hour with another hour of questions and answers.

    Our public infrastructure, facilities and our social support requires, maintenance, replacement and/or improvements.  Yet, the compounding interest payments on public debt paid by ordinary citizens (99%) goes directly into the pockets of the wealthy (1%). Thus, financing the public infrastructure for future generations unrealistic.

    And I always hear the quote, it was different back then. Tell that to future generations paying the price when the next bubble, even larger, bursts!

    Before selecting any thumbs on the comment, please listen to the message in the video.

  • LETTER: Residents write to Fortis protesting smart meters   3 days 17 hours ago

    Do you even know what you are complaining about? EMFs have been around us since the dawn of time. Man-made EMFs have been around since we invented alternating current. That's right, the very service you are complaining about creates EMFs all the time in the 60Hz range throughout your house.  Don't want EMFs? Get rid of alternating current in your household. In which case you also won't have to get angry at Fortis for installing their new meters. 

    If you are specifically worried about EMF's in the MHz to GHz range, than you must be oblivious to the fact the computer you wrote your complaint with is constantly emitting EMFs in this range.   There's irony for you!

    I think Fortis should charge even more to people not wanting remote readings from the smart meters and invest that into a special fund for better science education in our school system.

  • Insights West poll gives NDP big lead in BC   4 days 12 hours ago

    We probably can't blame the political corruption in Ottawa on a single political party. Although, the claimed ‘transparent’ one in office is very scary. The door is slowly opening and exposing the craziness in Ottawa virtually run by the private bank system and corporations.  You rarely hear of a career politician anymore. Most walk out after they meet or buy their wealthy friends with public money. They quickly begin working for billionaires or are sitting on a corporate board of directors. It’s good to know there are professionals like Rocco Galati looking out the vast majority of ordinary Canadians. Read up on the COMER Litigation against the Bank of Canada, Monetary Reform, What is C-51 for? and The Five Most Outrageous Things About the Conservative Budget. The May-Jun 2015 newsletter is very informative. A publicly funded extended election campaign isn’t necessary for me to mark my ballot.

  • Cyclist/hikers using trails in active wildfires endangering themselves and firefighters   4 days 15 hours ago

    What a bunch of dimwits.

  • Parts of RDKB Area C and Grand Forks on evacuation alert   5 days 13 hours ago

    Go to the RDKB for a detailed list of affected addressed

  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   5 days 16 hours ago

    I'm curious.  Why do you think Japanese knotweed is  no problem -- in the face of all the damage it has already done  to roads, foundations, and real estate values?

  • Insights West poll gives NDP big lead in BC   5 days 20 hours ago

    I place little faith in the results of polls, especially this far ahead of election day.  Besides -- the general trend in preference for a party and  the total  number of votes it receives seem to have little bearing on who forms the government, as we all saw in the last election:  only about  39% of those who voted, voted Conservative, yet we have a Conservative government with 100% of the power.   Gerrymandering means that riding boundaries have been adjusted to increase the likelihood of that happening again.

    This promises to be one of the most interesting elections in recent Canadian history.

  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   5 days 21 hours ago

    Nature fills a vacuum at so many levels.|||Knotweed is KNOT a problem.


  • LeadNow targets local ridings in Kootenay-Columbia and South Okanagan West Kootenay   5 days 21 hours ago

    |The  record of the harper conservative is horrible for Canada and the world. It starts at the top and we see criminal activity that harper is responsible for. |Harper has bad judgement and is addicted to power and terrorism and wants to control every part of our lives for the benefit of the elite 1% and the detrimant of everybody else


  • LETTER: City in Conflict of Interest   1 week 18 hours ago

    It has been a month since Jack's letter about me was posted. And in that month no one, not Jack - not even I have commented on it. (Should Jack and/or I take that as some sort of hint that i'm not such a beg deal?)

    Well Jack I did work on a reply - twice. But they were too long. And while the Mayor is a public figure and I put myself out there ... Jack is not a public figure. And one of my favourite topics is getting council and the community to pay more attention to each other - if I were to repsond in a serious way to an attack it would work against that yen to see more of the public participating. So I'm going to keep this short Jack.

    First off I want to Thank You Jack Koochin.

    That’s correct I’m saying thanks … covering small town politics by myself is not an easy task and sometimes my drive falters and I wonder if it’s all worth it. And just when I’m thinking of chucking the whole thing and going off to do something else you come to my rescue.

    You’re paying attention. You read my stuff … gee, Jack, I’m almost speechless.

    It’s nice to know I’m having an impact on the thinking of the people of this town. It may not be the impact you desire Jack but until you spoke up I wasn’t sure anyone from your side of this whole thing was even paying any attention.

    But I feel I should point out that some of the things you mention in your letter you have got wrong. I wouldn’t want you to be spouting untruths and malicious gossip – that kind of behavior could get someone in trouble Jack.

    No, Julia Butler did not succeed in getting anything 'taken down' off of the intenet.

    No the city does NOT conduct official city business on That they do on the pages of the Gand Forrks Gazette where they spend many thousands of our tax dollars every year.

    My treatment of the Mayor is not to your liking Jack? Well that's just too bad because we live in a democracy and elected officials can expect scrutiny and criticism.

    You liken me to Jerry Springer ... did you know that he was the Mayor of Cinicinatti before he was the big TV success?

    Keep paying attention Jack, sooner or later you will get your facts straight.

    And one more time: Thanks for watching, listening and paying attention Jack.


  • LETTER: City should check existing water metres   1 week 6 days ago
    Before writing the above letter, I read all the Grand Forks BC water meter related publicly available engineering reports. None of the engineering companies suggested that installing water meters could trigger as much water conservation as what Nipperk has claimed. In fact, depending on the engineering company, they made different guesses of how much water may be conserved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In researching global data, I found that installing water meters doesn't necessarily mean that people will use less water. And, in situations where there appeared to be a decrease in water use, the municipalities had actually done more than just install water meters. They had also taught residents water saving techniques, or had installed water saving devices at the same time as water meters. In these cases, then, it's unclear what actually led to the initial appearance of a reduction in water use. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To complicate matters more, the estimates/guesses of how much water residents use has sometimes been too high because of including non-residential water use in with the residential amount. Specifically, in Grand Forks it looks like some of industry's water was calculated as residential. The engineers wrote that not necessarily all of industry's water connections were metered, and also they suggested large industry water meters be tested for accuracy (as mentioned above in the letter). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wrote the above letter because I wished to share with the public the information that was shared with City Council at the July 20th Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting. (Pages 6-11 at At the time of writing this letter, I had not yet heard of plans for a by-election. This letter was published on August 8th. It was on August 10th that the media informed the public about the by-election. I value research because I wish to get my facts straight. And, I have especially taken care to be accurate before sharing material publicly. I appreciate it when others do the same, because it helps us all be better educated.
  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Phil, it seems to be working fine for most people, judging by the  numbers showing up.  What's it doing or not doing for you?  I can alert the webmaster if you provide details.

  • Rock Creek and Washington fires growing rapidly   2 weeks 3 days ago

    A small fire broke out in the Lynch creek area but is listed as under 0.1 hectare in size. Grand Forks fire fighters are attending the fire. 

  • Rock Creek and Washington fires growing rapidly   2 weeks 3 days ago

    If you want to help, call the Midway reception centre at 250-449-2310.

  • Evacuations and road closures near Rock Creek   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Emergency Info BC has updated their post to say that Rock Creek to Westbridge is now being evacuated. 

    "The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has issued an Evacuation Order for Hulme Creek Road, Christian Valley Road to Fiva Creek and Rock Creek to Westbridge due to the Rock Creek Wildfire east of Osoyoos."

  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   2 weeks 4 days ago
    The thumbs up, thumbs down function on this website is broken. It has been for a long time. Not sure why the owners don't fix it or at least get rid of it until they get around to it.
  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Good luck with your efforts.  I understand it can take enormous persistence over many years to eradicate any growth of knotweed, but that persistence is well worth while because of the hazards of this particular invader.  Keep it up -- for everyone's sake.  And thank you!

  • LETTER: City should check existing water metres   2 weeks 5 days ago

     As a property owner in Grand Forks I personally think its time to GET OVER and move on with the water meters. Im happy to have one installed and fully expect my rate to go down in the future but I digress.They are in place in most of our cities not only in Canada but the rest of the free world as well and are shown to reduce the consumption of water by about 30%. Do you think for one minute that the people that abuse the water restrictions will want a meter installed..NOT. 

    And by the way I have  seen information on water meter accuracy and its amazing how accurate they can be to the gallon.

    Sounds like Ms D Semenoff is offically starting her campaign for the by-election.

  • Local cyclist dies during century ride   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Just as a follow up I have ridden with Bo many times in the past few years and  were working on a plan for a long ride once he arrived home from Colorado. He was a very fit rider and very experienced. No slough on the bike I can asure you. If you click on the ling provided it gives you a little more insight into the circumstances surrounding this very unfortunate accident. Read the full article and comments made.Thank God for the people in the area that were quick to the scene and did everything within their power to help and my sincere condolonces to Janet and all of those affected by this tragedy. I will forever miss my good friend and cycling partner. RIP Bo :(

  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   3 weeks 11 hours ago

    Seriously, who gives this a thumbs down?  This isn't an opinion piece.  I'm asking for help.

  • Billions and Billions: The Economic Costs of Invasive Species   3 weeks 16 hours ago

    My neighbour has a patch of knotweed growing on his hillside.  I learned what it was last year and have convinced him (with my help), to take steps to remove it.  I started late last fall by cutting it all down to the ground level, and pulling it out by the root where possible.  I then covered the entire area by thick, black tarps.  That way, whey they tried to grow fresh in the spring they were starved of sunlight (and rain to some effect).  A couple of times this summer, I'd remove the tarps briefly, just long enough to cut any that were trying to grow under the tarps back down.  I just checked them recently again and the tarps 'seem' to be working,as much of what underneath them has dried up and not grown at all near the pace that I'd seen it in the past.  I cut down any green ones that were trying to grow, and 'treated' the freshly cut stems.  I've left the tarps off for the time being to see if anything emerges.  Is this strategy not a recommended approach?  Is it worth the time, or should we hit it even more aggressively? I've heard the regional district has some measures that can be taken (and they potentially offer some help) to eradicate plants like Knotweed?  I see that RDKB does have an invasive weed removal service of some sort, and will check with them to see if they are able to help in this area:

  • 18 vehicles impounded over four days due to extreme, reckless speeding   3 weeks 19 hours ago

    Yes, that's true ... and speeding is what's known as an "absolute liability offence" which means that police, and the courts, don't have to accept any excuses. 

  • WEEKLY HIKE: Ward Lake   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Feel free to post how long this route takes you. I have young children in tow so my hikes always include pit stops, snack breaks and general exploring. 

  • WEEKLY HIKE: Ward Lake   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Warning: I've been hearing of there are bears and cougars around Ward Lake Trail (and Saddle Lake) so please use caution when hiking -- as always.

  • CONTEST: One Month FREE Advertising   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Feel free to use the comment section to nominate your Boundary business of choice instead of emailing us. We'll add it to our collection :)