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by Erin Perkins on Wednesday Nov 07 2012

During a normal school day at Christina Lake Elementary, the quiet chatter of children reciting their multiplication tables, working on group projects and reading out loud filters out of the classrooms and into the halls.

Then a secret signal sounds. Not the usual fierce fire alarm, but something new. And within seconds the school falls silent, the doors are locked and the lights are...

by Contributor on Friday Nov 02 2012

Four finalists from Selkirk College went up against some of the region’s most innovative businesses at the recent Kootenay Association of Science and Technology (KAST) Spirit of Innovation Awards and one took home the Innovative Organization award at the end of the evening.

Held only every four years, the KAST Spirit of Innovation Awards set out to recognize the best science and...

by Contributor on Monday Oct 29 2012

In light of the recent temporary suspension of Novartis vaccine products (Agriflu and Fluad), Interior Health wishes to advise the public that our public flu clinics will continue as scheduled using our primary vaccine product Vaxigrip.

Novartis products comprise less than 10% of the vaccine supply in Interior Health. Interior Health has been using another vaccine product for the...

by Adrian Barnes on Thursday Oct 11 2012

Flu season is approaching and public health nurses across Interior Health are gearing up for the launch of this year’s influenza (flu) vaccination campaign.

Public flu clinics will begin in some communities the week of October 15th.

“There are many myths and misconceptions about the flu shot so it’s important for people to get accurate information to help them stay...

by Contributor on Wednesday Oct 10 2012

As Halloween approaches, bats with bloody teeth or scary green eyes become more common conjuring up images of blood-sucking, dirty, aggressive creatures. Educators trained by the Kootenay Community Bat Project (KCBP) are gearing up to dispel these myths to students in the Columbia Basin.

“Bats are actually very shy, clean creatures” says Juliet Craig, Coordinating Biologist for the KCBP...

by Nicola Kuhn on Wednesday Oct 10 2012

[This is the second post in a series on implementing blended learning. The first post, When A Vision Becomes A Reality is available here.]

Today was serendipitous. I learned of Nikhil Goyal. At 17 years old, Goyal is the author of One Size...

by Contributor on Wednesday Oct 10 2012

The mother of a four-year-old child faints.  The child is the only other person at home.  He calls 9-1-1.  Paramedics take the mother to hospital.  She recovers and rejoins her family.

Such a simple scenario that could have gone so wrong.

Brad Mitchell of BC Ambulance Service was the charge dispatcher on duty several months ago when the call described above came in.  While the...

by Erin Perkins on Monday Oct 08 2012

A middle school at Perley Elementary School of Grade 6 to 8 students is still being considered for Grand Forks students, but not for Christina Lake or West Boundary students at this time, School District 51 School Board trustees, told parents at two forums this week.

This decision comes after a series of community forums held in the spring where parents from Christina Lake and the West...

by Miranda Holmes on Tuesday Oct 02 2012

It is estimated that over 22,000 women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and nearly ten times as many in the United States. Almost a quarter of these people will die. Nobody knows why.

Yes, there are established risk factors, such as early commencement of menstruation, never breastfeeding a child, late onset of menopause, all of which increase a woman’s...

by Erin Perkins on Monday Oct 01 2012

The Boundary Museum Society has pulled two 40-foot long storage containers full of artifacts off The Land Conservancy of BC's (TLC) Hardy Mountain Doukhobor Village site due to the TLC’s financial woes.

The storage containers were removed last week and placed on concrete pads located on the Fructova site because the local museum board fears the financial scrutiny the TLC has been...


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