ICBC says fraud, rise in claims reason for rate increase

The graph by ICBC shows a spike in injury claims since 2014.

ICBC will today start the process of filing its basic insurance rate application with the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) but will take a further two months to analyze emerging external pressures on basic insurance rates before submitting the remainder of its application – including a proposal for a specific basic rate change – by October 30, 2015.

FortisBC restores power to residents impacted by wildfire near Rock Creek

Downed lines from the West of Rock Creek wildfire have now been restored by FortisBC crews. — Photo courtesy FortisBC

In a media release Friday, FortisBC said the company has now restored permanent power to residents impacted by the Rock Creek fire and is working proactively to address potential fire impacts in the areas of Grand Forks and Christina Lake.
"FortisBC completed the rebuilding of the fire-damaged 10-kilometer main line between Rock Creek and Westbridge on August 22, one week ahead of schedule," said Nicole Bogdanovic Corporate Communications Advisor.

Average Canadian family spends more on taxes than basic necessities

The average Canadian Family's expense may surprise you. — Courtesy Fraser Institute

The average Canadian family spends more on taxes than on food, clothing and shelter combined, finds a new study released Thursday by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

New ED to start at Trail Chamber of Commerce

New ED to start at Trail Chamber of Commerce
The Trail and District Chamber of Commerce HR Committee and Board of Directors is pleased to announce today that it has hired Audry Lochrie to fill the position of Executive Director.

Lochrie is an experienced management executive specializing in business organizations and economic development.

She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and clearly understands the needs of business and the role that a local chamber can and should play in meeting those needs.

LETTER: Residents write to Fortis protesting smart meters

LETTER: Residents write to Fortis protesting smart meters

Re:  Meter replacement West Kootenays

To whom it may concern:

We were contacted this week by one of your operatives to discuss your intention to access our property to remove the current analogue meter and impose your new “smart” meter on our household.  We understand that in this corporate society, the rights of citizens are secondary to the rights of businesses and that you may freely bully homeowners into accepting your technology despite the growing body of opinion and research that disputes your claims that it is safe.

Insights West poll gives NDP big lead in BC

The graph shows what BC voters think if the election was held today. — Insights West

Insights West is a progressive, Western-based, full-service marketing research company, said in a media release that if the federal election was held today, the Conservative Party would not do well in the province of BC.

B.C. invests $10.5 million to support tourism in 14 communities

Resort communities like Tofino will benefit from the recent government investment. — Photo submitted

The Government of British Columbia is investing $10.5 million in 14 resort communities for projects that help support local tourism infrastructure and amenities.

The funding comes from the government’s Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI), which helps to grow the tourism sector in eligible municipalities. This year, the B.C. government is providing a total of $10.5 million to 14 eligible communities and is extending the RMI program for another year to the end of 2017.

International visitors continue upward trend

There has been nearly 10% increase in visitors coming to B.C. compared to June 2014.

British Columbia’s tourism sector continues to show growth in international overnight visitors.

In a media release, the government said there were an additional 52,872 more visitors in June of 2015 compared to 2014 – representing a 9.5% increase over June 2014.

This brings the total number of visitors to B.C. in the January to June period up by 156,856 visitors – or 8.3% – over the same period last year.

Which countries have the most human freedoms?

Which countries have the most human freedoms?

Canada ranks sixth overall for its level of human freedom while the United States ranks 20th in the Human Freedom Index, recently released by the Fraser Institute and a network of international public-policy think-tanks.

The index — which uses 76 indicators of personal, civil and economic freedoms to rank 152 countries around the world— is the most comprehensive freedom index so far created for a globally meaningful set of countries. The report includes rankings from 2008 to 2012.

Auditor general for local government, designed to fail or left to implode?

Auditor general for local government, designed to fail or left to implode?

Last week the Union of B.C. Municipalities released its report on the operations of B.C.'s Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG).

It paints a less than flattering picture of the office. No big surprise given that the UBCM was hardly a fan of the auditor general concept in the first place.

The report's findings are based on a survey of 17 communities that had audit contact with the AGLG.

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