ICBC’s Hall of Shame: Cyber Fraud Files of 2015

A woman too hurt to work, but yet finds time for a game of roller derby is just one of the fraud files that is costing B.C. up to $600 million each year, or every driver more than $100 on their annual insurance policy. — Submitted photo

Some things people just can't make up.

The Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) has released its Cyber Files Wall of Shame for 2015.

It goes from a  woman too hurt to go to work yet finds time for roller derby to a man who sets his own truck on fire then tries to make a claim to a man who completes a grueling 12-mile obstacle race despite claiming to be severely injured.

OPINION: TPP -- Forfeiting Our Health and Sovereignty?

OPINION: TPP -- Forfeiting Our Health and Sovereignty?

Are Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland's officials misleading her about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

Freeland signed the agreement Thursday in New Zealand, but repeated her assurances that critics shouldn't worry -- the government hasn't committed to ratifying it and consultations and a full debate will precede a vote in Parliament. That could be up to two years away.

Yet so far the consultation process has not penetrated the ideological bubble created by trade department officials.

COLUMN: From the Hill; Pipelines are a Hot Topic. An analysis.

MP Richard Cannings

Pipelines are a hot topic in Ottawa and across the country these days.  Last Wednesday the Liberals outlined their plans for a revised environmental assessment process for pipelines, and on Thursday the Conservatives put forward a motion asking the House to support the Energy East pipeline.

Black Press closes doors on Nanaimo Daily News

After 141 years, Nanaimo Daily News will cease publishing a daily newspaper Friday, January 29.

 A few days after Postmedia Network Canada Corp. announced cuts to editorial staff across Canada, Black Press closed the doors on the 141-year-old Nanaimo Daily News Friday.

“Black Press informed workers at the 141-year-old Nanaimo Daily News today that it will publish it’s last edition January 29,” Rob Munro, vice-president of Unifor 2000, the union representing unionized employees, said Friday in a media release.

Munro said Black Press also served 60 days notice, under Section 54 of the Labour Code, to Local 2000 officers.

Slumping volume leads to job cuts at Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway plans to reduce its work force in 2016.

Slumping shipping volumes has forced Canadian Pacific Railway to cut 1,000 positions in the coming year.

Many of the cuts, coming in union and management positions, will be done through attrition by the middle of 2016.

The Calgary-based company released news during a conference call Thursday following the release of fourth quarter and 2015 results.

ICBC releases Hall of Shame winners for 2015

Drivers who try to scam ICBC cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars every year. — Photo courtesy ICBC

You can't dream up some of these stories as ICBC released its Hall of Shame for 2015.

From a man who torches his vehicle then claims it was stolen to a woman embellishing the extent of her injuries to collect two paycheques to a man crying wolf to get out of doing the dishes the stories keep on getting crazier  from in ICBC's fraud files in 2015.

Corporate tax hikes ultimately reduce the wages of Canadian workers

Does it really make sense to hike taxes for coporations?

Increasing corporate tax rates results in lower average wages for workers, finds a new study, released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

Buying local boosts B.C. bee industry in 2015

Bees were busy and so was the public, purchasing almost $16.5 million in retail honey sales.

The year 2015 was successful for the beekeeping industry in British Columbia, with more and more people buying honey direct from beekeepers, bringing the estimated total farm receipts of the year to more than $25 million.

British Columbians preferred to buy their honey straight from beekeepers in 2015, with estimated farm receipts for the retail sales of honey in B.C. almost doubling from 2014, to almost $16.5 million.

CBT Committee seeks applications for economic development funding

CBT Committee seeks applications for economic development funding

A local group has spent more than half of $600,000 allocated to meet community needs in the Lower Columbia, but is still looking for more economic development projects to support.

Economic and tourism development were identified as the top community priorities during extensive public consultations last year by the Community Directed Funds committee, which is distributing funds allocated by the Columbia Basin Trust.

BC government increases home owner grant threshold in 2016

Happy days, well almost, are here again after the Liberals said homes valued up to $1.2 million may be eligible to receive a full home owner grant this year. —Submitted photo

British Columbians are getting a bit of a reprieve a few days after the 2016 assessment notices were sent out to homeowners.

The Liberal government has said in a media release homes valued up to $1.2 million may be eligible to receive a full home owner grant this year, while a partial grant may be available if the home is valued above this threshold.

The home owner grant provides modest property tax relief to those who need it most. Last year, this program returned nearly $800 million to B.C. residents. For 2016, more than 91% of homes are below the threshold.

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