CANDIDATE: Richard Fausten (GF -- Council)

Please give a brief summary of who you are and why you have decided to run for office.

I grew up in Europe, in a country then known as Czechoslovakia. After graduating from trade school and the University of Prague, I had a degree in electronics.  I worked in the research department of the Tesla/Philips company until the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. I escaped to Austria, where I resided briefly before I immigrated to Canada. I have decided to run for council to improve communication between the residents of the city and council.

What is your background? Have you held office before? If not what skills do you bring to the job if you are elected?

From the spring of 1969, I worked in a ship yard in Richmond, where I worked myself through the ranks to finally purchase the company. Under my guidance the company expanded to 30 employees and we serviced  the Coast Guard, the RCMP, and the Department of Fisheries. When I worked at the ship yard I also assisted the city council Richmond as a Business Development Consultant. In Grand Forks  I was a member of the Tourism committee where I designed the information sign east of the city. More recently I became a member of the Economics Development Advisory Committee for the city.

What do you think are the top three challenges facing the city/region/school district (depending on what you are running for) in the upcoming term?

  1. Improve environment for job creation.
  2. We need the infrastructure serviced. 
  3. I would like to implement transportation for seniors. 

How do you think you can impact these challenges?

We need to improve the environment for starting business. 

We need the proper allocation of financing.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

I am hardworking, honest and experienced.

Other comments that you feel are important to the voters.

My experience makes me stand out as a candidate. 

I will work for the residents of the city of Grand Forks.

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