CANDIDATE: Nipper Kettle (Greenwood -- Mayor)

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Please give a brief summary of who you are and why you have decided to run for office.

My name is Nipper kettle and I am a retired forestry worker and my wife Sheryl and I moved here in 2010 to escape the ten months of winter and the two months of poor sledding of life in the north. I chose Greenwood because I have lived in small towns my whole life and I instantly fell in love with the city and its residents and I feel we have much to offer the world. I ran for mayor in 2011 and was elected and I am so humbled by the support I have received from all residents of Greenwood. I work for you and I have never forgotten that and I will continue for the next 4 years if I am re-elected.  As YOUR Mayor over the past three years I feel I have earned your trust and represented Greenwood well   locally, provincially and internationally on all fronts.

What is your background? Have you held office before? What skills do you bring to the job if you are elected

I have been involved in Municipal politics since 1993, serving as councillor for DOH the majority of that time, before we retired and invested in Greenwood in 2010.In my first year as a Greenwood resident I attended most of the regular meetings of council because I was anxious to learn more about the community we chose to call our home and the challenges we face and decided to run for Mayor and was elected in 2011. I am a doer, a positive person and fully committed to the city and once I start something I see it through to the end, follow up is the key to progress. I have been an active member of this community serving as YOUR Mayor, Regional District director, Health board, BOT liaison, BCRCC liaison, Greenwood Economic Development Committee, and the Heritage Committee boards and many other committees of council.  I have the time, the energy, the persistence and the commitment required to do the job. I am a person who is big on following up and finishing what I have started. Challenges are what I thrive on and solutions are the results of those challenges. I take the position of YOUR   Mayor very seriously and will work hard for you the people, who have entrusted me with the office of Mayor. 

What do you think are the top three challenges facing the city/region/school district in the upcoming term?

 The top three challenges facing our city are, but not limited to

  1. Aging infrastructure; exploring and following up on grant applications  for our wastewater plant and lift stations is one thing I am committed to making happen in the next 4 years.  Successful Grant application is the key in a small city to getting the work completed without the need to increase taxes.
  2. Economic development, business attraction and retention? We have finished developing a Downtown revitalization plan that will help with this. The work being done on the old A Frame will be a great attraction for tourists and residents once completed in December as part of the JCP grant that was brought forward. This will help with our plan to stop more traffic and enhance local business opportunities. 
  3. Health Care; we are very fortunate that we now have a doctor committed to Greenwood and the growing needs of our aging community when so many other communities are losing their doctors. We still need to find solutions to the challenges we face in keeping our aging population home in the community amongst family and friends where they belong.

4. How do you plan on addressing these challenges?

As YOUR mayor and a member of Greenwood council we have been actively pursuing a grant at the Provincial level that will address our biggest challenge with regard to the aging infrastructure, our Wastewater Treatment Plant and our two main lift stations. I have enjoyed an excellent relationship with many of the members of the legislature of British Columbia through personal friendships and networking opportunities. In September 2014 we met with the Minister responsible Honourable Coralee Oaks and I feel that the Minister now has an amazing understanding of Greenwood and our needs. She was very receptive of our presentation which had the full support of our MLA Linda Larson who was in attendance. Having experience and being recognizable is important when dealing with upper levels of government because we are much more likely to receive a positive response when you reach out to follow up on a request. In the next term I intend to focus on bringing this grant home to Greenwood and to focus on the current opportunity council has been working on for the past two years that will be a huge boost for Greenwood if we are successful. We are currently in contract negotiations with this proponent. There is still much work to do on this file and I hope to be there to lead the charge as YOUR Mayor.  We are working hard to support and encourage local merchants to grow and thrive and are currently in the final stages of passing a revitalization bylaw that will enable current and new business owners the ability to enhance their operations while reducing the tax burden for them.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

    Persistent, I never give up on the things I believe in.

    Passionate, about Greenwood, our citizens, our seniors, our Heritage 

    Positive, about the potential of our future and committed to getting the job done.

What is the one thing that makes you stand out as a candidate? (or) What is the one thing you want people to know about you? 

The one thing that makes me stand out as a candidate is my commitment to the city in the position as YOUR mayor. Since I was elected in 2011 I have a perfect record of attendance at council meetings and rarely missed any of the committee meetings I taken on. No one is perfect and I admit I have made a few mistakes but I have learned to act on them and forge ahead because I am not a quitter. I place a high value on our SENIORS in not only our community but seniors everywhere because they are the people who built this country and the reason we enjoy the many privileges, rights and freedoms we have today. I am available, open minded, honest, personable, friendly, knowledgeable and quirky; in a good way I am told. Please support me once again on November 15th. Re-Elect    Nipper Kettle YOUR Mayor 


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