CANDIDATE: Neil Krog (GF Council)

Hello my name is Neil Krog. I am a First Aid Safety Instructor for Selkirk College, I own Twisted Forks Catering. I have previously served on City Council for 15 years and was a Director for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. 

I would like to thank the citizens of Grand Forks for allowing me to serve on Council for the past 3 years. I quickly realized that being an effective Councillor does not always concern the big projects or controversies. The bulk of the job is the detail work, the by-laws, the paperwork, and the behind the scene governance that makes the community function smoothly. 

In my time on Council I have seen things that worked and those that did not, my experience allows me to function effectively within the framework of what we call local government.

It is hard to pick just 3 challenges facing our community, but here goes. 1) Economic Development, 2) Infrastructure, and 3) Future Growth.

1) We recently received the prestigious “Open for Business Award”

We created a Community Profile that has been distributed around the world and throughout the Province of BC. We have done considerable advertising through multiple forms of media. Council members have attended the Economic BC Conference. We now have Promotional Videos highlighting our community and have made presentations to the Development world. We compiled a lands showcase that has been sent out through the Canadian Urban Development Institute. To name a few.

2) Continue working and planning for infrastructure repair & replacement.

3) We need a solid plan for future development, as we are sitting on the edge of a potential boom and once it starts it could go sideways if we are not ready.

Three words to describe myself would be Extremely Handsome & Modest. lol

Thank You

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