CANDIDATE: Monique Van Eywk (GF -- Council)

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I am a hard working, dedicated mother whom has had enough of sitting back and complaining about the town.  Now I have decided to run for office to help bring changes, for the better. 

I have my Business Administration Management Diploma with Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.  I have worked for non profit organizations, small family businesses, and for the government health office. 

I believe the top three challenges are the office working with our city and office officials, lack of growth in the community, and not listening to our fair citizens.  

I would like to see our new elected office work with the wildlife department on a solution to the deer in town.  I would like to bring our diverse cultures, activities, and beautiful town to light with events to attract tourists with encouragement to settle down. 

We need a downtown that is full of life. I want the citizens to feel comfortable emailing, messaging me though social media, or even just talking to me in person about the problems and what they feel needs to be done to help our struggling city survive.  

I am honest, loyal, and dedicated to what I believe in.  I am running because I am the working class.  I want to be able to represent those whom need a voice and I will speak up for you.  I am a candidate for the people because that is whom I would be working for.

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