CANDIDATE: Michael Wirischagin (GF -- Council)

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I am Grand Forks born and raised with my family lineage spanning four generations in this community from my parents, to my grandparents, to myself and now through to my daughter. I have decided to seek a third term on council as I have a vested interest in Grand Forks- this is where my family lives and this is where I am raising my family.

Originally elected in 2008, I am still the youngest elected councillor in the history of Grand Forks and I have now served 6 consecutive years on council, including being re-elected again in 2011.

My background is in City Planning, attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, as well as I have a 2-year certificate in Local Government Financial Administration from Dalhousie University as well as a 5-year National Advanced Certificate in Local Government Administration from Dalhousie University. I have also sat and currently sit on various boards, including currently being the Vice-President of the Grand Forks and District Recreation Commission, Head Coach of the Grand Forks Secondary School’s Sr. Boy’s Basketball team, as well as past-president of the Grand Forks Border Bruins, former Director of Marketing and Promotions- Grand Forks International (GFI) baseball tournament amongst many others. I am also a small business owner- owning and operating, MKWW Enterprises, Ltd. 

In my opinion the top three challenges facing the City of Grand Forks over the next four years are (and in no particular order), 1.) Closing the infrastructure gap 2.) Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our local municipal system of taxation, focusing on equity and service delivery and 3.) Business attraction and retention.

To accomplish these goals I will remain focused on maintaining Grand Forks’ standing as the model community in terms of assets management; positioning itself leaps and bounds ahead of other communities so that when infrastructure funding becomes available, Grand Forks will be first in line and we can work on closing the infrastructure gap. In terms of improving the equal distribution of taxes I believe a 5 to 10 year master plan needs to be implemented focusing on service delivery, cost of service between residential, industrial, and commercial, catering it to Grand Forks- taking into account the challenges that Grand Forks faces such as demographics along with others, making it once again affordable to live in Grand Forks. 

If I were to chose several words to describe myself it would be simply: Youth, Integrity, Vision, and a proven track record. 

If I was to make a statements as to what makes me stand out it would be this: I have a proven track record, the education necessary to deal with the issues of today as well as the problems of tomorrow. I am familiar with the issues that currently are of concern for Grand Forks, I live within the city limits, so therefore any decision I make directly affects me, I am familiar with the Local Government Act, the Community Charter, but more than anything I have a vested interest in seeing Grand Forks prosper. 

We need to make Grand Forks affordable, efficient, and effective, and it all starts from the top down with a strong Council, and that’s why I ask for your vote in the upcoming municipal election. 

Vote from Youth, Integrity, Vision and a proven track record.

Re-elect Michael Wirischagin for a third term.

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