CANDIDATE: Mark Danyluk (SD51 Trustee)

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Please give a brief summary of who you are and why you have decided to run for office.

I have been living in the Boundary region since 2002.  Prior to that I lived in Richmond where I worked and managed a group home for persons with developmental disabilities, managed, lived and created community in low income housing, was pastor of a church, and worked for an airline where I actively developed communication processes between different departments.   I am married to Christine (nee Schmidt) and have four children: three of whom have graduated from BCSS.  My youngest is in grade 11 at BCSS.  My formal training is in Theology.   I was a pastor in Midway from 2002-2012.  I have been a paramedic with BC Ambulance since 2007, assuming Unit Chief duties in 2012.  I am a person who cares about people – all people, regardless of who they are.  Justice, compassion and mercy are a big part of who I am.

To be honest, a week before the nomination deadline, running for office wasn’t even on my radar.  When I was asked to consider running a few days before the deadline it very simply seemed like the right timing and right thing to do.  I got the sense from speaking with various involved parties that my strengths would be a good fit at this time in the school district.   

What is your background? Have you held office before? What skills do you bring to the job if you are elected?

In terms of education, I have been active in several ways:

  1. Involved in BCSS Pac since 2003 (secretary for many of those years) including being DPAC rep.
  2. Facilitated “Respectful Relationships” for several years at both the elementary and high school level
  3. Noon hour supervisor at the high school for several years
  4. Active parent in both the elementary and high school
  5. Have been actively involved with three of the graduation classes as a leader for the parents
  6. Have been a parent interviewer for several staff positions
  7. Driven elementary and high school groups to various events and activities
  8. Initiator and leader of a parent group that sought to bring a unified voice to education issues in our community

I have never run for office.  

My skill set can be summed in the following descriptions: developer, restorative, connectedness, positivity and includer.  

What do you think are the top three challenges facing the city/region/school district in the upcoming term?

Since 2010 my involvement in the school district has been somewhat limited so there is a part of me that is entering the position as a listener/learner of the current situation.   Given what I know, I believe they are probably: the challenges facing rural schools , respect and justice, educational excellence for all learners (including students, staff, trustees and parents).

How do you plan on addressing these challenges?

Listening, learning, asking questions will help provide specific understanding which will then provide the foundation for creative solutions in what is undoubtedly challenging times (then again, when hasn’t there been challenging times!!).  Given my fairly extensive ties within the community I believe that these connections will further assist me in the process. 

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

  • Includer
  • Humorous
  • Big-picture thinker

What is the one thing that makes you stand out as a candidate? OR What is the one thing you want people to know about you? 

I am a collaborator.  I seek to listen, understand and build bridges enabling decisions to be made in healthy and fair manner.

Mark Danyluk is the unopposed candidate for Area 'E' -- Kettle Valley West.

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