CANDIDATE: Jaime Massey (SD51 -- Trustee)

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Please give a brief summary of who you are and why you have decided to run for office.

My name is Jaime Massey; I have lived in Grand Forks almost my entire life. I am an active member of the community having volunteered with the Community Christmas Hamper program going on five years and have been an active member of Perley PAC for three years including being in my second term as PAC Vice President. I have decided to run for school trustee because I feel I can make a difference, plain and simple. I am a product of our local school system and have young children currently in the district who are impacted daily by the decisions made by our trustees. I feel I can be a beneficial part of that decision making process.

What is your background? Have you held office before? What skills do you bring to the job if you are elected? 

I have not held office before but come from a long line of family members who were instrumental to the growth and development of their communities. I feel that I bring strong interpersonal skills and a balanced thorough thought process. I have a very strong sense of community and a good idea of some of the challenges facing all the different facets of our School district. In recent past I have had increasing experience with the students and functionality of at least one of the schools in our district. I am inquisitive by nature and hope to bring a new perspective to the table.

What do you think are the top three challenges facing the city/region/school district in the upcoming term? 

To be completely honest I am still learning about our local challenges. Financing is a huge chunk as it always is with any government faction, but in this case I think what we choose to do with that money is infinitely important as it directly effects our children’s education and in many cases sets the tone for life goals and accomplishments. Declining enrollment is another big one on the list as we were all made aware of with the proposition of a middle school. Less students means less money; how do we cope while still offering amazing education opportunities?  Thirdly I believe another of the largest challenges our district faces surrounds the ability to offer enriching, meaningful education and support for all of the children in our district. 

How do you plan on addressing these challenges?

First of all I plan to learn all I can. There must be reasons for the way things are, I will ask critical questions and do my best to offer a new perspective whenever possible. After all every decision that is made in our school district directly affects my children and therefore affects me. Every piece no matter how small comes home.  I am there to represent the communities and I plan to do that. I hope to be someone that is approachable, that people can come to with concerns or questions that I will do my best to find answers for. I am elected by the people for the people. 

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

 Hmmm …. Only three? I consider myself kind, empathetic and determined.

What is the one thing that makes you stand out as a candidate? OR What is the one thing you want people to know about you? 

This district is a part of who I am. I was raised here, educated here and have chosen to raise my family here. I am as vulnerable to the actions of the district as any other person is, as a result my voice will be honest and real. I am here to advocate for the children. Their education is an enormous and integral part of who they become in their lives beyond the standard goals of academics. We need to be sure that we are doing the absolute best we can for our kids! As parents we all wish we could give our children the world, I hope you will give me the opportunity to ensure they are learning the most they can about that world while they are in our District. 

Jaime Massey is a SD51 trustee candidate for Grand Forks. 

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