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The Electric Grapevine | Brand X | 09.05.10

Branding the Boundary is the topic du jour locally and it should be. The area has been in a state of flux for sometime with no real identity coming to the forefront as the area hovers in limbo. The "Sunshine and Borscht" sign has faded into oblivion and been replaced by a gaping hole in the frame that remains. It's a somewhat fitting sight, this vacant frame, as the area is confusingly called "The Boundary" or "Boundary Country." How similar is this frame to the definition of the word "Boundary".

OP/ED: PoCo Police are...Hard for Justice

The challenge of finding a common thread between the various subjects and topics that bounce through my head becomes so great some weeks that I'm tempted to write mini columns or abandon the computer altogether. I admittedly haven't found a feasible one this week so expect me to reach like your uninvited fat uncle does for gravy at your summer cook out for ample segues.

The Electric Grapevine | Ignorance is Grease | 06.22.2010

The kids behind the counter at a fast food place are often the target of many folks' ire as they make for easy pickings given the standards of their place of employment. We all know they are simply on cruise control awaiting their shifts' end so they can go home and listen to awful music. I've avoided taking this cliched route for some time, but after a pair of frustrating transactions at the same donut shop I can't help but vent via my unique channel.

The Electric Grapevine | Ad Lush | 06.06.2010

Despite having a background that has always included a consistent marketing component, be it in service, design or entertainment, I still find myself totally defenseless against good marketing schemes. Anything ranging from the white tags at a grocery store to the genius Old Spice ads featuring pop culture icons, I really have a hard time not buying into these products based on the ads alone.

The Electric Grapevine | Modern Romance | 03.05.2010

As I reach a milestone with my girlfriend I have been noticing how much technology has changed the way we view and orchestrate romance in this modern age. After much thought, my general feeling is that technology is hampering, or at least taking some of the romance out of romance.

Between the net, online banking, Twitter, Facebook, texting and more I've decided that romance is now a carefully monitored battlefield that can be ruined somewhat by the ever present wall of communication and social networking.

The Electric Grapevine | I Believe...a little more than normal anyhow | 02.25.10

At this juncture I expected to be writing a somewhat negative article regarding the 2010 Games that would have been easy target practice for my usual rants. The overspending, the grim death and the absurd characters used in the marketing were all set up like bowling pins just waiting to be taken down.


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