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The Electric Grapevine | The Upside of Down | 1.31.10

All of the local media have reported on the marijuana theme with catchy, cute little plays on words but I just can't bring myself to do it. So let me be blunt and avoid all of the cliches those joints are using and light this column up without resorting to tokin' word plays.

With Cannabiz now relegated to reruns it will be interesting to see how opinions vary throughout the area. As the director himself stated, it doesn't appear that the film will sway anyone from either side of the razor wire fence but it sure makes for interesting discussion.

The Electric Grapevine | Lord of the Dings | 01.17.09

The term "Landlord" is long overdue for a politically correct overhaul. It seems the inclusion of the word "lord" has gone to some property owners' heads. A recent exiting of an apartment by someone I know was a textbook example of what should obtain you a 100% damage deposit. Not so it would seem, as this building owner decided to whittle the damage deposit down to a paltry 13 dollars through a series of fabricated costs and violations.

The Electric Grapevine | Top 10 Worst Films of the Decade Vol. 2 | 01.17.10

In true Tarantino fashion I'm back with Volume 2: Burn After Reading The Cohen Brothers' follow up to the epic saga that was No Country For Old Men was in my opinion the weakest film the deft filmmaking brothers have made. I actually got so mad upon the first viewing I went back in to the theatre to make sure I really disliked the film as much as I thought. With the exception of the always reliable David Rasche and J.K. Simmons, this film was devoid of character or likeable characters for that matter.

The Electric Grapevine | Top 10 Worst Films of the Decade Vol. 1 | 01.03.10

I should disclaim that a specific set of guidelines are used in compiling this list. The titles must have had either previous incarnations, massive expectations or lofty source material to live up to. If it weren't for my self implied rules we would simply be left with 8 Steven Seagal films, Epic Movie and anything Paris Hilton popped up in. The best way to sum up how I chose these films is simply,"Did I feel better or worse after coming out of the theatre?" With that in mind, here are the first five of what I deemed to be the 10 most dissappointing films of many in the nameless decade.

The Electric Grapevine | The Toys Go Winding Down | 12.07.09

In making the rounds scoping out Christmas gifts I've noticed a distinct drop in the quality of children's toys since I used to play with them. With all the littering laws and fines in place, why isn't anyone governing the quality of the garbage some of these toy manufacturers put out these days. I picked up a G.I. Joe figurine the other day and thought to myself, "Nah, these couldn't have been this shoddy back then," and figured maybe my hindsight was messing with me.

Social not working | The Electric Grapevine | 11.30.09

An early start to the day today has me up to date inside the world of social networking in just under half an hour. I’ve got my Facebook status on, MySpace is tidy and I’ve Twittered even the slightest thoughts to cross my mind. OK, I admit I haven’t updated my networking sites today because I’ve started to experience the downside of social networking, and decided to use it for creative purposes only. I’ll be damned if I ever take Twitter seriously. If someone announced their every thought in daily life they would be shunned or locked up.

The Electric Grapevine | Slip Slide and Send | 11.23.09

Slip Slide...Send As a nomadic writer stationed more or less in the Boundary Area, this time of year always brings to mind the wells that we go to when the news slows as the year draws to a close. The main one I have tried to avoid like a pothole on 2nd Street is the tried and true “Winter Driving” spiel that seems to always make its way into circulation in some form come November.

The Electric Grapevine | I Smell Sex and Coffee | 11.13.09

To thwart the onset of winter borne depression I often escape town and head for the warmer, wetter climate of the west coast to take in shows and conventions. The past three trips have included stops at the epic U2 360 concert, a visit to the National Barista Championships and Coffee Expo and the far more enjoyable Taboo - Naughty But Nice Show.

The Electric Grapevine | The Second Born Ultimatum | 12.24.09

What is the cost of playing video games at a near addiction level? For some its grades, for others its healthy relationships, but for myself it was alot more. In an about face way, my playing of a certain game lead to my sister being whisked away to Northern Ireland. Years ago, myself and my circle of friends played a game called Soldier of Fortune 2, basically day and night. We played so much we could close our eyes and still see endless hallways filled with carnage. Oddly, our circle of Grand Forks based players represented some of the top 50 players in the world.


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