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Concerns about new addds taxes in HSTin BC

Under the HST there is an extra7% added to restaurant food,basic cable TV and telephone,home repairs, maintenance and renovations,domestic airline tickets,concert and sports tickets, haircuts, gym memberships,realtor fees, new homes over $525.000,home inspections and appraisals,vitamins,massage therapy,healthfood store products,taxi fares,parking,newspapers and magazines,accountant,architects,veterinarian,most financial services and consultant fees and much more.

Trail Stingrays kick start their 2011 Summer Season!

This past weekend was the first swim meet of the 2011 summer swim season. The club has been training since the beginning of May and the season ends in August after Provincials. This year's provincials are in Richmond, BC and the Stingrays have a large amount of swimmers aiming to qualify for the Provincial Championships. There were 8 teams in attendance and over 220 swimmers at the meet. The Stingrays missed out on 1st by only a few points! They had 34 swimmers competing at the meet. 1st - Revelstoke Aquaducks 2nd - Trail Stingrays 3rd - Castlegar Aquanauts

Fruit Bouquet

Fresh Fruit Bouquets and Fresh Fruit baskets from Fruitz KonceptsTM are the most Unique and healthiest gifts ever introduced in India. Fresh Fruit Bouquets are beautiful edible assortments of fresh exotic fruits, making them unique gifts for Corporates, Birthday, Anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Daughter's Day, Grandparent's Day, Boss Day, Secretary Day and for any and every occasion being celebrated in India. Fresh Fruit Bouquets with Chocolate dipped fruits, dates are the best traditional gift introduced in India for the first time.

Helping Communities Thrive

Hello and thank you for tarking the time to read this. As creator and President of Howse Business Solutions, I'd like to take this opportunity on this blog site to discuss the various aspects of community and what it means to others. There is a balance to be struck between the social sector, the environment, community development, and yet also able to increase and grow the economy. Creating a healthy community involves looking at all aspects of what makes an area thrive - there is no such thing as unsustainable growth. But what does 'sustainable growth' mean?

Hwy # 3

Seem to me that Hwy #3 has not been " significantly " inproved for over 30 years. All the way from Cranbrook to Osoyoos !! Very very dangerous highway, especially in summer with number of tourist travelling east and west plus regular trucker on a " rush " schedule. Rock Creek to Greenwood is terrible , with very few passing lanes or pullover room !! Hwy #3 $$$ helps every community big or small, from Midway, Rock Creek and Greenwood to Grand Forks, Castlegar and Cranbrook !!!!

Anime Convention in Rossland?

Since RIck Mercer's appearance in Rossland last year, I have been thinking on how to help the economy of Rossland. Then I was talking to a few people about anime and thought to myself why not have an anime convention in Rossland. Sure, Rossland is smaller than Kelowna and there are some cons like that. But, I was thinking of all the pros of having an anime convention like full motels/hotels, tourist money in thw quaint coffee shops and what not. It will take time for me to get this anime convention done and it will be fun.

March is Nutrition Month

Do you know where that burger came from? The meat? The bun? The pickle? Unless you are polishing off a Hundred Mile burger from the Hume Hotel in Nelson, chances are you would be hard pressed to come up with an answer. March is nutrition month and this year’s theme is “Celebrating Food from Field to Table”. This fantastic theme encourages us to contemplate such questions and explore our personal relationship with where our food comes from.

alternative transportation

I've been hearing a lot about bike and car share companies sprouting up in many metropolitan areas. Businesses, too, are starting to get on board with this - offering incentives for their staff who are car-poolers or choose to take alternative transportation to work. Companies that service cars (i.e. tire shops and mechanic shops) are now offering bikes for their clients to borrow while work is being done to the car. These are excellent steps in the right direction - just choosing to live more sustainably with the tools and resources we already have... it can, and will, be done.

Holiday Eating

For many people holiday eating can be a source of stress. We love the season’s goodies, and yet we feel guilty about indulging; concerned about health repercussions of eating rich foods and the possibility of gaining weight.

Poverty and being homeless in the Boundary

They say this is the time for giving and opening up our hearts to the people who have less. Right now, here in the town of Grand Forks I have counted with my own eyes six people who are grossly under housed, and by that I mean they are sleeping where ever they can including by the river in tents or on some ones couch. Now that is only the people I can find with my meager resources, and I am sure there are plenty more who are out there trying their best to stay alive. Now just who are these people? Are they drug addicted bums? Are they criminals? Are they lazy no good doers?


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