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COMMENT: What Occupies our time? What Occupies our thoughts?

Have you noticed that engagement in community activities is becoming a rare and less frequently observed reality of everyday life? While the demise of voluntary organizations and the advancing average age of the remaining volunteers seems a clear and present reality in almost every walk of life, nowhere does it seem so evident as in our engagement in the body politic. As vital as the decision making processes of government are to every aspect of life and living, modern folk seem unwilling to take the time to even cast a ballot, let alone participate in public discourse.

Video: An Interview with Andre Nutini and Liam Barnes at RYFF

The Reel Youth Film Festival Tour was in town as part of the RMFF weekend and featured a handful of local talent. Professional filmmaker Andre Nutini ("Life Cycles") gave some motivational words to the young crowd about his short and budding career, while one of the highlights of the festival was Liam Barnes' film "Surge: Year One," as well as a few other local youth films.

ROSSLAND EAGLES: Pay it forward!

The Rossland Auxiliary to the Fraternal Order of Eagles #10 was chartered on July 6, 1946. 

Our purpose is to aid the patriotic and humanitarian plans of the F.O.E.  As stated on the windows of the Rossland Eagles’ building on Columbia Avenue, we are “People Helping People”. 

To this end, our Auxiliary runs a hamburger booth during three annual community events, hosts a Fall and/or Spring Tea, contributes to a Mother’s Day basket each year, as well as, to the West Kootenay Toy Run and the Rossland Firefighters’ Christmas toy collection.

Ecovillages are one solution to the major problems of our time

Environmentalist David Suzuki: 'There's been a drumbeat of all kinds of weird weather events, and [Canadians] understand that something weird is happening and they really want some action,(CBC) Suzuki said. He pointed to the destruction of B.C. forests by pine beetles surviving warmer winters and the series of freak storms that devastated Vancouver's Stanley Park this winter. Suzuki asked why Canada doesn't reconsider its spending priorities.


I am responding to a personal attack on my family written in the election coverage. First of all I think that if one is going to write a letter one should not hide their name. If they are confident enough to write it in the first place what are they hiding???

The art of 'holding space'

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop called the Art of Hosting early last week. During our time together some 38 people learned a bit more about holding space in community. About ways of holding space that invite others into speech, participation and connection; creates conditions by which understanding, common purpose and shared desires might find life out of individual passions, capable champions and thoughtful conversations.

'Tis the sealing season.

 I haven't got my assessment report back yet, but I expect I will soon enough. It doesn't matter since I already have a fair idea of some of the things I need to do.
Each night cold air drips down my basement walls. I've put it off for long enough already: Insulate and seal up the rims and put blue foam wall to wall.

I won't know until I get my report if it's worth it to go for gold and insulate the basement to R-23, or if most of the energy savings are already realized at R-10 with a less expensive, thinner wall.

Is there such a thing as an advanced Yogi?

A beginner's mind.

Every time you step onto your mat, every time you interact with someone, every time you head into the world and take a deep breath is an opportunity to practice, and opportunity to let go and to open your mind to the possibilities.

It doesn’t matter if you have never practiced Yoga before, or if you are a longtime practioner, once you take a step onto your mat it is a new experience. With a beginners mind you have no expectation, you can be open to whatever the experience provides you. The longer I have been practicing Yoga, the more humble I become.

COMMENT: What is my world?

I am not sure how it is for you, but for me, truth is not so much in seeing, but in questioning.

If I should see someone on the corner, or in the doorway, looking for help with something, and my question is: “I wonder what he did, or did not do, to end up like that?" then I have created a truth about my world and how I see it. I have created a truth about my world and how it sees me.

Good News Bears ignore Essential Elephant-residential surgery

For the last decade, good news about health care locally has been scarce. Recently, Dr. Brian Goldman, celebrated Nelson’s Kootenay Lake Hospital (KLH) has having “top notch maternal care for such a small community.” Goldman’s evaluation went across Canada on CBC’s “White Coat, Black Art.” Goldman’s visit to Nelson followed an announcement this summer about a long-awaited enhanced eye care programme. Also, patients soon will have CT scanner access plus a modernized emergency room at KLH.


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