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The Electric Grapevine | Ad Lush | 06.06.2010

Rossland Telegraph

Despite having a background that has always included a consistent marketing component, be it in service, design or entertainment, I still find myself totally defenseless against good marketing schemes. Anything ranging from the white tags at a grocery store to the genius Old Spice ads featuring pop culture icons, I really have a hard time not buying into these products based on the ads alone.

B Movie icon Bruce Campbell single-handedly put the Old Spice marketing campaign on my radar by simply crooning to Duran Durans' Hungry Like the Wolf while flanked by models. Who said it had to be a complicated message?

The less overt advertising schemes, such as using famous voices for narration, normally just sadden me as to the state of the actor's career, (cough*...Shatner) but of late I've actually heard people whom I admire flogging products into my ear canals.

Denis Leary somehow makes a Ford truck ad cool and does it without totally selling out, despite his obvious omission of his trademark foul language.

The mother of all ads, in my books, is the Dos Equis beer commercials. It is much like the origination of my own company name and this ego-driven storyline about the "most interesting man in the world" has me glued to it every time.

"He lives vicariously through himself," - genius.

As I have said before in my Mac vs PC-themed column, I think Apple leads the way with their slick marketing approach. Even as the most ardent anti-Mac guy, I found myself at a store mauling the glorious screen of the iPad like a 10-year-old at a pet shop window two days ago before remembering I simply don't need it. I want it, I just don't need it, which is, after all, the sign that marketing has done its job to the fullest.

The latest World Cup advert is an amazing piece of work simply on a film making level. The clip shows some of the world's best footballers in a "shoulda, woulda, coulda" type hypothesis of what the World Cup game means to them should they shine or fail. A secondary crystal ball storyline for each takes off showing you their future should they make the game saving play or fumble. This sets off a chain reaction of both success and massive failure.

Kodak digital cameras has an ad that is popular around my house because it apparently reminds my girlfriend of me. A new father stands at the maternity ward window snapping away on his new camera before proudly insisting he should email the gem to the passing janitor. I'm not sure if my girlfriend is trying to say that I'm gregarious or that she's pregnant. Regardless, it has caught our attention and given us some imagery that sticks.

Our imagery differs though, I believe as she dreams of motherhood while I dream of new gizmos to justify. This ad has me heading to London Drugs to check out both their camera department and their home pregnancy tests, what other ad could blend those needs and wants together in a 30 second frame?

Note: I apologize for my inconsistent posting over the past month. I have been producing a televsion show that you can read about on the main page. I am back to a weekly column and thank you for reading because without viewers I'm simply a crazy person ranting to nothing:)

Bruce Campbell "Old Spice" commercial

World Cup Ad

Dos Equis