Over turned 4 way stop barrels on Baker St


As I was standing at the 4 way stop barrels on Baker and Josephine St. the  storm arrived with pouring rain and wind. The barrels fell over on to the street making it a real hazard for the pedestrians and vehicles. People were out on the street trying to keep them up right. The city needs to resolve this issue and apologize to the citizens of Nelson for standing in the pouring rain to take care of their unfinished business.

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The next cab off the FIFA Activities position is another Northern United states favorite, with a compact sized but no less massive international fanbase – NHL 12.

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Asked by if he was already a fan of fifa coins Qatar after spending 3 periods in the variety country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup?, Buffon replied: “Yes, of course. We have all been obtained here with excellent passion, since some individuals haven’t had the opportunity to see an organization like Juventus from close areas.



There should be a law about gas stations uping their prices whenever they want. I am talking about a local station that must think that is ok to up ther price .05 cents whenever they want. The latest increase doesn't seem to have worked because none of the other stations have followed. I say boycott this station and teach them a lesson.

Alpine Safety Code


Skiing is a wonderful sport. It involves many people sliding in different directions on a slippery surface. There are some universally recognized rules to maximize the enjoyment and minimize the risks of injuries through the interaction of all those skiers. These basics rules are often printed on lift tickets. Part of the education of skiers involves understanding those basic rules that can be called Alpine (skier or boarder) safety code. They are often referred to as Responsibility Code or Etiquette.


Canada and US set for showdown on Columbia River Treaty

The stage is being set for a showdown between Canada and the US over the post 2014 Columbia River Treaty, as the two countries recently stated radically different visions for the upcoming renewal of the cross-border agreement.

The province wants to keep things much as they are with some improvements and more cash flowing from the agreement, while the Americans want to overhaul it from the ground up.



On behalf of our small Golden City Days committee, I would like to thank Adrian and the Rossland Telegraph for helping promote our wonderful community weekend.

It's great having an online newspaper in our community!

Lisa Henderson

Crocodiles and Ice - A conversation with adventurer and visionary, Jon Turk

Jon Turk has been everywhere .  .  .  and then some.

In 1971, Jon Turk turned down a promising career in organic chemistry and chose the path less trodden. Turk, 67, has spent the past 40-plus years traveling the world in search of adventure and meaning in a world obsessed with oil, technology and consumerism.

A longtime environmental educator, upon return from his adventures Turk speaks and writes about what he has learned in an effort to raise awareness about the direction in which human culture is headed and the environmental tipping points we are facing in the new future.

GARDEN WISDOM: Working in the Worm Factory

Worm bin -- Mark Macdonald

This is the story of how I came to be a worm farmer. It wasn’t a role I had ever envisioned myself in, but when we started selling the Worm Factory 360 vermicomposting kit last winter, I was intrigued. I was surprised how many we were selling, and so I began looking at reviews on Youtube and elsewhere. The buzz about the Worm Factory 360 seemed very positive. The manufacturer’s website had some persuasive video content on it, and they invite interested parties to request a booklet on how the system works.

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