June 2016



Last year our area had deeper snow in the hills, to the delight of skiers and others who play in the snow.  In March, our snowpack was 7% above the historical "normal" level.  And yet, it melted away very quickly in the warm spring; just one month later, our snowpack was only 69% of normal for that time.  So far we've been lucky to have rainy weather since then, both for forest fire prevention and for our summer water supply.



North American Bat Monitoring Program has started in BC

“Our bats are crucial for our ecosystem” says Dr. Cori Lausen, Bat Specialist with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.  “They consume enormous numbers of nocturnal flying insects, including moths that are agricultural or forest pests. Monitoring the disease’s spread and impact through this NABat monitoring will alert us to where we may experience future ecosystem and economic consequences, and may shed light on potential mitigation.”

Case for CPP expansion rests on five common myths

Canada’s finance ministers are looking to increase mandatory Canada Pension Plan contributions on working Canadians.

Proponents of an expanded Canada Pension Plan rely on incorrect assumptions and flat out mistakes, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

Canada’s finance ministers will meet next week in Vancouver to discuss expanding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) — a move that would increase mandatory contributions on working Canadians.

'Why trash a beautiful piece of nature' — everyone is not happy with the proposed changes to the Balfour Ferry Terminal

The gymnasium at Redfish Elementary was packed with people wanting to find out information on the proposed changes to the Balfour Ferry Terminal Wednesday during the MOTI Open House. — Bruce Fuhr, The Nelson Daily

Back in 1970, about the same time rumours began circulating that the provincial government was considering changing the location of the Kootenay Lake ferry terminal in Balfour, Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell penned the hit single, Big Yellow Taxi.

A verse in the song made referenced to paving paradise in favour of a parking lot.

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

Peace and Healing Vigil slated for Sunday at Millennium Park

Peace and Healing Vigil slated for Sunday at Millennium Park

A Peace and Healing Vigil is being held in Millennium Park this Sunday after a barrage of tragedies have left the small B.C. town reeling.

Seven untimely deaths in the space of less than three weeks have left many people struggling with sadness and despair, according to vigil co-host Jana Spender.

“It's been one tragedy. Then another. Then another, and another ... and I think what happened in Orlando (a mass shooting at a gay nightclub killing 49 people and injuring 53 others) is part of it, and the American election … ,” Spender said. “I saw a post from one lady who said she couldn't see her way through it – she felt very overwhelmed.”

October amnesty will take aim at illegal weapons

BC RCMP are hoping to reduce the number of illegal guns on the streets by providing an amnesty for gun owners to relinquish their weapons.

British Columbians can unload old guns, ammunition - any unwanted firearms or weapons - and ensure they never end up in the hands of criminals during a provincewide amnesty Oct. 1-31, 2016.

The month-long amnesty will apply to any documented or undocumented firearms and other weapons - including restricted and prohibited ones - that have not been used for a criminal purpose, as well as to any amount of ammunition.

MP to hold Rossland town hall on Climate Change

MP to hold Rossland town hall on Climate Change

Member of Parliament, Richard Cannings is hosting a town hall discussion in Rossland on Monday, July 4 seeking views and ideas from area residents about how to address climate change in Canada.

Cannings was approached by local organizations with a keen interest in providing community input towards the Government of Canada’s nationwide climate action consultation.

Local fishermen grill Ministry of Environment reps about Kootenay Lake Action Plan

Jeff Burrows, Senior Fish Biologist with the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch, was part of the Ministry staff fielding questions Thursday night at the Balfour Community Hall from local residents concerned about the declining kokanee stocks in Kootenay Lake. — Brendan Quinn, The Nelson Daily

The Balfour Community Hall was packed to the rafters with concerned citizens anxious to hear Ministry of Environment representatives discuss the the nuts and bolts of the Kootenay Lake Action Plan.

The Action Plan is the MOE's take on how to restore the troubled kokanee fishery in Kootenay Lake.

Jeff Burrows, Senior Fish Biologist with the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch, along with Matt Neufeld, Mike Ramsay, Holger Bohm, and Marley Bassett were on hand to answer any questions from the crowd about the plan.

Nelson's Cam Keith picked to lead BCHL Trail Smokies

Nelson native Cam Keith is back in the area as coach of the Trail Smoke Eaters of the BCHL. — Submitted photo

The Trail Smoke Eaters dipped into the professional leagues to hire Cam Keith as the new coach of the BC Hockey League franchise.

Tom Gawryletz, president of the Trail Smoke Eaters, made the announcement Friday.

“I am deeply honored to be selected as the Head Coach for the Trail Smoke Eaters and look forward to giving back to a community that gave me so much,” the former Nelson native said on the Smokies website.

Crescent Valley man studies for sixth Dan Black Belt

Dean Seminoff . . . looking to crack the 130 club

Master Dean Seminoff, who has been studying martial arts for more than 20 years, was in Florida to study for his sixth Dan Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo.

Seminoff, of Crescent Valley an operator of a school in Nelson and Slocan Valley, is currently a fifth Dan WTF black belt as a member of the USCDKA.

During the past 15 years his own TKD schools (KCMA) have positively affected hundreds of students and families in the Nelson and Castlegar area and now he is leading a global fight for justice for the poor as founder of www.martialartsforjustice.org  

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