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By The Conversation on Wednesday Sep 30 2020
By Bob Hall on Wednesday Sep 30 2020

Technology is an essential element of today’s post-secondary landscape and to help learners struggling to equip themselves properly, Selkirk College has reached out to the greater community for assistance.

By Boundary Sentinel on Wednesday Sep 30 2020

In a media release Wednesday, the BC Wildfire Service said it plans to conduct a 41-hectare ecosystem restoration burn in the Bubar Creek area of the Southeast Fire Centre, about seven kilometres northeast of Rock Creek and about 35 kilometres west of Grand Forks.

By Contributor on Wednesday Sep 30 2020

In a news release on the BC Nurses’ Union website, a study says that inadequate staffing and constantly changing protocols is key factors leading to high levels of PTSD and emotional exhaustion.

By Boundary Sentinel on Wednesday Sep 30 2020

It appears to be a two-person race in the Boundary-Similkameen riding for the vacant seat in the upcoming BC Provincial Election.

Both leading parties in the BC Legislature, NDP and Liberals, announced candidates after Premier John Horgan announced the snap election earlier this month.

By David Suzuki on Tuesday Sep 29 2020

Most of us can remember a time in childhood when we were caught doing something wrong and pointed a finger at someone else for the misdeed. We might even still feel guilty about it.  

By Sara Golling on Tuesday Sep 29 2020

Does it seem odd (to put it mildly) that our provincial government is willing to spend between $4,300 and $10,000 per wolf to kill over 400 wolves near small and struggling groups of caribou in BC, allegedly to help endangered caribou survive, wh

By Letters to the editor on Monday Sep 28 2020

Dear editor,

This past summer was unlike any other, and getting outside was one of the few things that kept me sane. Fall has now arrived, but the memory of line-ups to get a spot in our local parks has not yet faded. As candidates and platforms get announced for next month’s election, I hope that parks and nature will be on the agenda.

By Contributor on Monday Sep 28 2020

Climate change is happening. Devastating wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, droughts, and other climate related events are all predicted by climate science. The social and economic cost of these events is in the trillions of dollars, costs that, one way or another, fall on the shoulders of taxpayers.

By Andre Carrel on Monday Sep 28 2020

We can debate whether holding an election now is opportune or opportunistic. We have had three referendums in the past 15 years on the subject of our electoral system, and we have decided to leave things as they are. Debating the timing of an election is part and parcel of our preferred system.